Monday, December 6, 2010

Lunch with Korri, a new baby, and 800 stockings!!

Today I had the rare pleasure of meeting one of our recipients!  After finding out "Proud Marine Wife" Korri was living at a base just 10 miles from my home, we made plans to meet for lunch.
Then, another online friend, Rita, who has been supporting the troops through this program of mine, mentioned she would be in my area this week, so, we all met!  A triple blind date!
And we were joined by my sister too.

We had a nice Mexican lunch, talked a lot, walked the coast a bit, and showed Korri a little life off the base!

I never know where this project will lead me, but it's always good!

Thanks to all of you who jumped in to help our 3 Marine families. 
Good news for the LeTourneau Family: Dustin came home early from Afghanistan, and their new baby boy also arrived early! There's a lot of adjustment going on at their home, and your notes of cheer and support are a very big help. 

Here are some photos from today.  Oh, and another 100 stockings were pledged!  We went OVER the 800 mark! whoo hoo!  Now THAT'S a great day!

Rita, Nancy, Korri, Ronee

It's nice to finally getting more connections with our Marines!  (Especially since I live near one of the largest -- THE largest? -- Marine base in the country!  Camp Pendleton.) Let me know if you can help.