Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday summary, and Fundraiser

With Thanksgiving over my "Aunt Nancy" emails have slowed down from dozens to just a few a day, and I can get a little more sleep!  I am happy to be able to say that this season you all pledged almost 700 Christmas stockings, dozens of goody boxes, and some Hanukkah packages to our troops! Plus a couple hundred troops have been "adopted"!  You guys are AWESOME!!!

A couple of last minute requests for support have come in from our troops, so it's not to late to help out.  
Email me: 


This year something new: in addition to the troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, I have a few Marine families I'm getting support for.  And, something else for the first time, a fundraiser: Greeting cards purchased online.

The cards are $2.99, including the 44cent postage stamp. You personalize them online, and then they are printed and mailed for you.

100% of the profits go to the troops. Proceeds from the cards allow me to donate free cards for our troops to mail home.  It's convenient for them, as all of us, as you can go online from anywhere in the world, customize greeting cards, and then the cards are printed, stamped, and taken to a US post office for you. Whether you are in Iraq or Iowa, Afghanistan or Arkansas!

Some of you have already participated, and I thank you. If anyone else would like to send even one greeting card this way, that would be awesome! Send a card to a friend, family member, a soldier, or whomever you want. You'll make at least three people happy: your recipient, a soldier, and the soldier's card recipient!  Of course if you want to send one to a soldier or Marine, I can help you there!

Visit Aunt Nancy Fundraiser 
It's fun AND for a good cause!

Thanks for all you do!!!

ps: note that the $2.99 cards include a 44 cent stamp, and are only for destinations within the USA (cards are printed and mailed in the USA). But that includes APO (Army Post Office) and FPO (Marine) addresses as mail to them is actually delivered to a US base and the military ships it from there to Afghanistan or Iraq.