Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year 2011! New blog/website combination site

Hello and Happy New Year!

I have several updates I plan to put out in a group email, but right now I just want to let you know that my email and website are being updated by the friendly folks at Turtlehut who have donated them to me for almost 8 years.

The website will also include a blog so there will be just one place to go for both the blog and the website! www.auntnancyusa.com  Yeah!

We are in transition, and right now, I can't receive email (and don't know why). You can leave messages here or better yet, on my Facebook fan page.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! on to Valentines Day packages...

Thanks everyone for such great participation this year!

In addition to over 800 Christmas stockings being sent, a couple of hundred packages were mailed. I'm hoping to receive more photos from the troops, and when I do I'll post them here.

It was especially gratifying for me this year as I connected with several Marine families right here near me at Camp Pendleton (San Diego).  This was a totally new adventure, and became very personal as I was able to meet them in person.

The Marine wives only asked for some support and cheer for their husbands, but many of you jumped in to make their Christmas a little more enjoyable after I found out how great the need was.  Frequent deployments, and several medical issues put a real crunch on their finances and emotions.  A simple request to you all and gift cards, toys, tickets to Disneyland, and even decorated Christmas trees were offered.  Then I connected with the Camp Pendleton Rotary Club and they provided toys, dinners, and car seats to these young families.

We will continue to follow these Marines, as one family has a newborn who was in 3 different hospitals in one week, and an older child in the hospital with pneumonia. Another has pending surgery for Dad, Mom, and a 5 year old all about the same time.

I'll update here as usual.

Valentines Day is only 6 weeks away, so if you didn't get something out for Christmas or New Years, or even if you did, consider a package to be mailed in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned!  And again, THANK YOU!  It is my pleasure to be the conduit to our troops.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Lunch with Korri, a new baby, and 800 stockings!!

Today I had the rare pleasure of meeting one of our recipients!  After finding out "Proud Marine Wife" Korri was living at a base just 10 miles from my home, we made plans to meet for lunch.
Then, another online friend, Rita, who has been supporting the troops through this program of mine, mentioned she would be in my area this week, so, we all met!  A triple blind date!
And we were joined by my sister too.

We had a nice Mexican lunch, talked a lot, walked the coast a bit, and showed Korri a little life off the base!

I never know where this project will lead me, but it's always good!

Thanks to all of you who jumped in to help our 3 Marine families. 
Good news for the LeTourneau Family: Dustin came home early from Afghanistan, and their new baby boy also arrived early! There's a lot of adjustment going on at their home, and your notes of cheer and support are a very big help. 

Here are some photos from today.  Oh, and another 100 stockings were pledged!  We went OVER the 800 mark! whoo hoo!  Now THAT'S a great day!

Rita, Nancy, Korri, Ronee

It's nice to finally getting more connections with our Marines!  (Especially since I live near one of the largest -- THE largest? -- Marine base in the country!  Camp Pendleton.) Let me know if you can help.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday summary, and Fundraiser

With Thanksgiving over my "Aunt Nancy" emails have slowed down from dozens to just a few a day, and I can get a little more sleep!  I am happy to be able to say that this season you all pledged almost 700 Christmas stockings, dozens of goody boxes, and some Hanukkah packages to our troops! Plus a couple hundred troops have been "adopted"!  You guys are AWESOME!!!

A couple of last minute requests for support have come in from our troops, so it's not to late to help out.  
Email me:  Nancy@auntnancyusa.com 


This year something new: in addition to the troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, I have a few Marine families I'm getting support for.  And, something else for the first time, a fundraiser: Greeting cards purchased online.

The cards are $2.99, including the 44cent postage stamp. You personalize them online, and then they are printed and mailed for you.

100% of the profits go to the troops. Proceeds from the cards allow me to donate free cards for our troops to mail home.  It's convenient for them, as all of us, as you can go online from anywhere in the world, customize greeting cards, and then the cards are printed, stamped, and taken to a US post office for you. Whether you are in Iraq or Iowa, Afghanistan or Arkansas!

Some of you have already participated, and I thank you. If anyone else would like to send even one greeting card this way, that would be awesome! Send a card to a friend, family member, a soldier, or whomever you want. You'll make at least three people happy: your recipient, a soldier, and the soldier's card recipient!  Of course if you want to send one to a soldier or Marine, I can help you there!

Visit Aunt Nancy Fundraiser 
It's fun AND for a good cause!

Thanks for all you do!!!

ps: note that the $2.99 cards include a 44 cent stamp, and are only for destinations within the USA (cards are printed and mailed in the USA). But that includes APO (Army Post Office) and FPO (Marine) addresses as mail to them is actually delivered to a US base and the military ships it from there to Afghanistan or Iraq.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A few troops still available for Christmas. And Thank Yous from the troops.

There are still a few un-sponsored troops available for holiday or full-deployment sponsorship.  Plus, about 25 more Christmas stockings could be helpful.

If any families, work/Scout/church groups can send some extra Christmas cards out, I have destinations for you.  Whether you add just one name to your list, or make up 100 -- they all help.

Lastly, I'm looking for a little holiday cheer for a 3rd Marine family. 

Thanks for any help you can give.

And "Thank Yous" are coming in:
Hi Nancy,

I just wanted to touch base with you again the guys have started receiving some care packages in the mail already they really do appreciate them. Well i have to keep it short time to get back to work.

SSG Davis


Ms. Reinhard, I would like to pass my personal thanks along with the thanks of my
platoon here at FOB Orgun-E Afghanistan for your generosity.  It is
great to have people back home who care.  Wish you all could have seen
the faces of my soldiers as the boxes came open.  It was like watching
kids on Christmas morning.  I ensure the items sent were divided up so
all my guys got some delicious treats.  Thank you for the wonderful
cards from your class as well.  They were beautifully done.  Once again
thank you for everything and have a wonderful Christmas.

Very Respectfully,

1LT Andrew M. Krumm

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jesse Rada & troops - a thank you and photos

The mail is working really well -- some of our Christmas packages are already arriving! 
It was nice to hear that Lester Holt and the "Today Show" were with these troops on Thanksgiving day!  I didn't see them though.  Did you?

Aunt Nancy,

It was a nice surprise to receive the care packages from the Schindler Family. We received Christmas Hats and Stockings from Ms Schindler, see photo attached.. Thank you and all your supporters for all you do for us.

We would be pleased if you posted our photo that I sent Ms Schindler on your blog.

In September, for a morale booster, we celebrated Mustache month in Honor of Tom Selleck (I'm kidding, in reality, since most of us had just gotten back from R&R, I figure it would be a good camaraderie builder). In the photo attached are all those that participated from our directorate. We have a pretty good team as you can see.

I'm nearing to the end of My tour here(Two more months to go). For some reason or another, it never fails, time seems to slow down as we get closer to re-deploy. I keep busy by assisting and planning trips all over Afghanistan in support of our mission.

For Thanksgiving, we were joined by Lester Holt and the Today show. Thanks to the Today show, morale was high, as families got to see their loved ones on this special day. Our office made it a family event on thanksgiving, as we were able to sit down a have dinner together. Due to everyone busy schedule it's hard for us to sit down together as a group. At the end of the night, I was able to speak with my wife and children and wish them a Thanksgiving.

The team here greatly appreciates the work and effort that you do and the families from all over that you bring together. Your efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

From the CJ7 ANA Training, We wish you, your family and bloggers a Happy Holiday season and many thanks!

Jesus M. Rada
If you have troops in this unit, Jesse informs me 3 soldiers have now re-deployed and are no longer in Afghanistan:
Frizi A.  
Sameka O.   
Eliason, A.

Hello Mr. White!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Address change notice for JSS Loyalty; other troop updates

JSS Loyalty
The troops I have at JSS Loyalty have received a slight address change.
The original should still work but start using the new one now. 

If you have "2nd BSB" then you have the latest address.

If you haven't received an email from me with the info, ask.
I do not post addresses online.


Marines in G-6 Unit-40115
Most of the Marines in G-6 Unit-40115 are redeploying out of Afghanistan in January. D. Bonney will be there 3 more months.  As for the others, do not send any more packages after Christmas unless your Marine confirms he is staying longer.  I'll post more info here when I get it, so look back later.

Meanwhile, if you are not sure, send a card or letter asking your Marine.  (And let me know what you find out!)


The Marines we were sponsoring in the
1/3 Bravo Co 2nd Plt Unit 44025 and
1/3 Alpha Co 3rd Plt Unit 44020
are back at home base now.  They might be deploy again as soon as May '11.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Mailing Instructions

It's time to mail packages for Christmas arrival!

Email me at nancy@auntnancyusa.com to request a name to send your Christmas stockings, or other holiday packages to.  Please give me an estimate of how many stockings you might be able to send.  I do not post troops' names online.

In addition to Christmas stockings, I have requests for LOTS of Christmas cards to our troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and even at bases in the USA.


Start at the post office and pick up a free LARGE, FLAT RATE, Priority Mail box, and a Customs Declaration form. It's best to get the boxes ahead of time because you can figure out how full to make your stockings & how many will fit. And the post office often runs out this time of year. Your packages can easily cost double the $12.50 to ship if you don't use these boxes discounted for military destinations.  "If it fits, it ships"!

Visit your local "dollar store" for the best prices on the classic red and white stockings that are so sentimental to the troops.  You can also purchase some winter-theme boxes to make holiday packages for non-Christians.

While many of the troops I have right now are in bare-bones, remote, locations in Afghanistan, make the stockings fun.  Save the soap (unless it's got Santa on it!) for regular packages.

Mailing cut-off dates from the US Postal Service based on APO mailing code:  Mailing dates  They offer later dates than I recommend, especially to Afghanistan. Some of the troops I have are in remote areas, and additional time is necessary. Also, we would like packages to arrive at least a week before Christmas (or whichever holiday you are mailing for.)

Afghanistan: prior to November 30th*. *updated-- some packages are already arriving!
Iraq: first week of December will still probably work. (Priority Mail)

But never hesitate to mail because an item might be late.  Certainly for our troops, "better late than never" is most appropriate. Some mail has arrived in two weeks.  We can't be sure. Of course you can always send a New Year's package.

If possible, print this form and put it in your stockings, and packages:  Info Sheet

Suggestions for stocking fillers:
  • candy candy candy - especially chocolate and holiday theme (drug stores are good for these)   Mini-candy canes are best for shipping.
  • cookies (NOT homemade - store bought and packaged only) Oreo cookies are favorites!
  • treats like Twinkies, Hostess cupcakes, Little Debbie
  • hot chocolate packets 
  • small toys like a micro-machine - one in a stocking is fun
  • beef jerky
  • a current sports or fitness magazine
  • gum, nuts, pretzels, trail mix packages. Twizzlers licorice is another favorite.
  • tubes of potato chips, cookies
  • Starbucks single serving Via instant coffee packets
  • small cans of energy drinks
  • a greeting card, maybe include your group or family photo, and "Aunt Nancy" note (see below)
  • fake snow
  • nice smelling shampoo or body wash (small bottles - in ziploc bags)
  • a short string of Christmas lights (if you are mailing early enough)
  • a hand-held electronic game
  • left-over Halloween candy
  • if you have funds: iTunes cards and iPod shuffles are high on their wish lists!
A Santa hat, antlers, or other silly cap goes over well.
No batteries -- unless specifically requested by your troop.
("JSS Loyalty" needs AA & AAA size)
Small footballs and play things are nice gifts.
Check back, I'll be adding more suggestions.

Include a note with your name, city (or full address if you would like) email, and maybe even a photo. lf you want a reply, insert a self-addressed return envelope.
Tell them you are sending the holiday cheer through "Aunt Nancy USA" and include that my program is now on Facebook as well as www.auntnancyusa.com


Get the boxes ASAP!  The post office often runs out this time of year. Grab a large Customs Declaration form while there too.

Unless you are mailing very large quantities, always use USPS Priority Mail for best assurance of delivery. The LARGE FLAT RATE Priority Mail usually saves money. There is a $2.00 discount on the large Flat Rate boxes to Army Post Office (APO) and FPO addresses.  ($12.50 instead of $14.50). You should be able to get 2 or 3 filled stockings per box.

You can even buy the flat rate postage online and save!  It will cost only $11.95.  Print the postage, fill out the customs form, and call the post office. They will come to your home or office and pick up the packages. How cool is that!!!

Image of Large Flat-Rate Box
Keep boxes neat and professional.  No stickers or drawings on the outside.  If the addresses are not neat and easy to read, especially the RETURN address, it may not be delivered. For security reasons the military is very fussy about this.
Use clear tape if possible, wrapping all edges of the boxes. They have a long way to go and are not handled gently. All liquids must be in ziploc style bags. 

Customs Declaration forms are required, and are available at the post office along with the free Priority Mail boxes. In the area marked In case of non-delivery put re-direct to "Chaplain" and the same address as your soldier.  (Unless I gave you another name.)

Your packages are actually being mailed to a domestic military base, so you are not paying to ship overseas. The country your soldier is in does not matter. The military will fly the packages to your soldiers' units.

Note: No homemade baked goods are allowed in packages, for the safety of our troops.
Only after you have developed a relationship with a soldier you personally adopt are home made cookies or goodies permissible.

Here are some ideas of what to write on a note in the Christmas stockings:

Hello and Merry Christmas from _____________________
We received your unit through  "Aunt Nancy USA"
We hope this gift sheds a little sunshine on your day,... brings a smile to your face, (something like that) or,
Sending these goodies in case Santa cannot get clearance to fly over.
We are thinking of you and the sacrifices you are making for our country.
A reply is not necessary, but we would like to know this package was received,
and you can let us know of any special requests we might be able to help you with.
Your name,
Group name
and email (if you want them to email -- which is more likely than a returned note)

If you want a reply, in each stocking include:
a self-addressed reply envelope (no stamps required)
a reply card, index card-size paper with something like this:
Soldier's name ________________________
APO address _________________________
[  ]  Yes, I received your package
Items I could use are ___________________
My email address is (optional)  ____________________

Attach it to your note or envelope.

Female stockings: If you would like to make a Christmas stocking specially for a female, tie a big pink ribbon on it and a label "FEMALE".  All the stockings will be passed out randomly, 

One further note for holiday packages:
On your box, and Customs Declaration form, please include
"Aunt Nancy USA "
in your return address.
That way the chaplains or other troops will know your package is part of our Christmas project.
This isn't absolutely required, but can be helpful to the Chaplains.
Jane Doe
Aunt Nancy USA
1234 Main St
New York, USA

I'm hosting a fundraiser for cards for the troops. You can help by visiting my website:
www.sendoutcards.com/storefront/simcocards and creating a greeting card for $2.99 (includes 44 cents postage!)  Have the card mailed to a soldier or a friend, whomever you choose.
From your computer you can personalize cards, and then the cards are  printed and mailed for you!
ALL profits go to "Aunt Nancy USA" for free cards for the troops.  Thanks!

PLEASE DO NOT send stockings directly to Andrew May without checking in with me.  I have certain numbers requested for a variety of units and have to keep track of how many packages are going to each one. The stockings are sent to one person collecting them, and will be passed out at Christmas services.

There is just me and my laptop here, no large organization.  I try to answer every email within a day or two, but it gets difficult in November!  :)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas stockings now - 200 new troops!

Thanks everyone for wanting to help send some cheer to our troops for the holidays!!!  As is typical this time of year, I am swamped with requests.  I will do my best to reply to everyone within a day or two for as long as I can.  Yesterday I received 200 new troop names and I'd like to have them all receive something!

I can promise a reply for Christmas stockings for these men and women.
If you can pledge 1, 3, or 100, email me with the approximate number you can do and I'll reply with a chaplain or other point of contact who will collect them and distribute them over Christmas.
Suggested date for mailings, Priority Mail: Iraq, by December 1st, but better is Thanksgiving Weekend.

(Good news: some stockings have already began to arrive!)

And take photos!  I'd love to post pictures of stockings you put together for our troops!

Oh, if you want to send cards and letters for the troops, I can still do that. Speaking of cards:

FUND RAISER - Greeting Cards for Our Troops to use
My first fund raiser:  I provide free cards for our troops, by setting up online accounts for them to access from anywhere in the world, personalize their greeting cards, and then, the cards are printed and mailed in/from the USA and delivered by the US Postal Service to the homes of their family and friends.

Your help would allow me to offer more to the troops. For every card you purchase for yourself I can offer another free card to one of our men and women in service.  100% of profits are returned to the troops' cards.

So, check out Aunt Nancy USA Cards.  (It's really a pretty cool, and fun, system!) You can buy cards and send to whomever you would like, and, know you're offering the same opportunity for our troops. Individual cards cost $2.99, and that includes the postage!


Marine families: I have 3 Marine families at a base in California who are struggling to pull together a little Christmas. Some need shoes for the kids, clothes, and some small toys might be nice.  And lots of Christmas cards from all of us?
While I do have some individual troops available for "adoption" that is generally only for their full deployment (generally a 4 to 10 month commitment on your part.) If you only want to send something for the holidays, please consider volunteering to send Christmas stockings.

Remember to pick up the LARGE, Flat Rate, Priority Mail box free at the post office ASAP.  They often run out this time of year.  It will help you know how much will fit.  Generally, 3 filled stockings per large box.
Also pick up the Customs Declaration form ahead of time so you can list contents before sealing your package.
The large box will cost $12.50 regardless of how heavy your gifts are.  "If it fits, it ships!"  Without this particular box you could end up paying double the shipping costs.

More details and suggestions are on my posting below dated 11-9-10.



Thursday, November 11, 2010

Marine's wife asks for support

Updated 11/19/10:  A couple of corrections and updates.   Shane is on his way to recovery enough that the Marines put him back to work, but it didn't last long, he's back home again.
I also received two other families' requests though.  Since these are US destination (Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California) mail time is shorter than overseas. Priority Mail can arrive in less than a week.

"A Proud Marine Wife" wrote me about her husband and is hoping we all can give him some support.  He has served 4 combat tours, was injured and had multiple surgeries.   She quit her job to take care of him (and their 2 little girls).

She would like some cards to show him he is valued by more than just his family. It's hard to believe our troops don't know how special they are to us and how much we appreciate them!

She asked for cards, but I'm also looking for help to get his family some extra presents for Christmas.

 Hi! My name is Korri and I was wondering if I could nominate my husband to be adopted? I do not know if he is eligible or not. He has been in the Marines for almost 13 years and has done 8 deployments and has served 4 combat tours but after being injured he is home now just having completed his 3rd corrective surgery. I just thought I could possibly find an organization that would add him to their list so he could see that he is a hero to more than just me.
He is having a rough time being down with his injury and I could love to be able to put a smile on his face and remind him of the people who are out there who support what he does and what he has sacrificed. After 3 surgeries, 2 steel plates, 14 screws and a bone graph he is finally done and on the way to a full recovery! Now that we have fixed him up physically I need to cheer him up emotionally. He is very stressed out with the holidays coming up for our kids since the last year has taken such a huge toll on us.

If he is not eligible I understand and still want you to know how much we appreciate your dedication to supporting out troops!! Thank you so very much and have a blessed day.

*Proud Marine Wife*

Of course, since there is no "official" organization here, just me and my laptop, and those of you reading this, her husband "qualifies"!  If you can send a card that would be awesome. I have some local 2nd graders sending birthday cards to her "about to turn 5" daughter whom she says is also struggling with daddy's condition.

While this isn't what "Aunt Nancy USA" usually is involved with, it's kind of a nice opportunity for all of us.

Please consider sending a card, and, if you can, also consider sending one via my fundraiser for the troops.  By buying, and sending, a card through this website, not only will you send a REAL greeting card to her family, but, 100% of the profits go back into "Aunt Nancy USA" free cards for the troops to use to send greeting cards home to their families.
Check it out here:  www.sendoutcards.com/storefront/simcocards

To get their name and address email me at nancy@auntnancyusa.com

I found out they are stationed at a Marine base just 10 miles from my home. I plan to pull together a little something for them for the holidays. If you would like to contribute that would be awesome.  Mostly though, cards of encouragement and appreciation.

Email me for their address for cards.

Thanks for your support.  Maybe we can get a couple other Marines from my neighborhood to send a little holiday cheer to.

This is their family.
Shane & Korri, and daughters:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas mailings 2010

It's time to mail packages for Christmas arrival!

Email me at nancy@auntnancyusa.com to request a name to send your Christmas stockings, or other holiday packages to.  Please give me an estimate of how many stockings you might be able to send.  I do not post troops' names online.

PLEASE DO NOT send stockings directly to Andrew May without checking in with me.  I have certain numbers requested for a variety of units and have to keep track of how many packages are going to each one. The stockings are sent to one person collecting them, and will be passed out at Christmas services.

Consider mailing left-over Halloween candy to the troops too. Maybe even put it into Christmas stockings.

I'm hosting a fundraiser for cards for the troops. You can help by visiting my website:
www.sendoutcards.com/storefront/simcocards and creating a greeting card for $2.99 (includes 44 cents postage!)  Have the card mailed to a soldier or a friend, whomever you choose.
From your computer you can personalize cards, and then the cards are  printed and mailed for you!
ALL profits go to "Aunt Nancy USA" for free cards for the troops.  Thanks!

There is just me and my laptop here, no large organization.  I try to answer every email within a day or two, but it gets difficult in November!  :)


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Veterans Day - November 11th

Time to show appreciation to our Veterans! -- Our few remaining WWII vets (like my Dad, on the left!) as well as our younger vets.

If you don't know one, I can give you a name and address. (Heck, you can even send them to my Dad, an 86 year old, proud WWII vet!)

Consider sending a card through my fundraiser at
For $2.99 you can select and personalize a card online, then we print it for you, put the stamp on it for you, and take it to the post office for you!
ALL profits are returned to "Aunt Nancy USA" for cards the troops can send home.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Candy Left Over? Send it to our troops!

If you have left-over Halloween candy, you can send it to our troops.

Usually I say just email me for a name, but look what I found: dentist offices who will accept your candy, and ship it for you!  whoo hoo!
And some even BUY it back from you!

If you don't find a dentist near you, then of course, email me and I'll give you a destination!

You help the troops, we save your hips!
Email me at nancy@auntnancyusa.com and ask for a destination.

Mailing tips and suggestions are below in the Christmas stocking drive posting.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time to shop for Christmas stockings!

It's spooky!  It's scary!

UPDATE 10/30:  Halloween is HERE, and in 4 short weeks is Thanksgiving, and well, you all know how quickly the holidays sneak up on us.  We need to mail in EARLY November this year!

Therefore, it is important to plan and shop for your Christmas and holiday packages in October! That's only two weeks. Most of our troops are in Afghanistan and it can take six weeks for mail to arrive. Even Priority Mail.

If you want to participate with Christmas stockings for the troops, please get your groups and/or families to start now. Target mailing in the first 2 weeks in November if you want to be sure your packages arrive in time for the chaplains to sort through the boxes and have them ready to distribute.

Of course we'll still be mailing throughout November and hope for less than 4 week delivery.
For Christmas cards too:  You want your soldier, sailor, or marine to enjoy the card a few weeks before.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Andrew May sends his THANKS!

Here are responses from Andrew May in Afghanistan. His unit is receiving the packages you have been sending! (Mail to him has been taking 4 to 6 weeks to arrive. His return replies also take that long.) He's been working on Thank You notes for everyone, but also mentioned he lost some of the return addresses.  So please accept this note of appreciation on his, and his troops, behalf.  You guys are wonderful to have jumped in and help these troops!


Dear Nancy,
This is Andrew May I am deeply grateful for all the packages that have been sent to us thru your network. I appreciate everything that you have done and so do the troops. I do have a few people in mind that packages can be sent to so that they can supply their troops with all the stuff that has been sent to me. . . They would greatly appreciate some packages to be able to pass out to their guys. Once again I would like to thank you for the work that you do for us.

With Great Respect
SFC May, Andrew
U.S. Army

And from PFC Coombs:

"My platoon and I would like to thank you for your care package! Your support is greatly appreciated. We recieved your package this morning, August 25. We are a small scout unit living far out from any other troops and modern civilization. We live off military rations and water, we have a small generator and share a water well with a village next to us. Your box was the first of this month. We have supply helicopters come twice a week and we pray for mail everytime. Your package put a big smile on everyone's face! The munchies were a good change to our daily dret. (loll). We ask you to pray for us and continue... to support the troops! Feel free to send us boxes or letters whenever you get the chance! THANK YOU!!!
Pfc Coombs, M."


If you would like to send some packages to these troops, please email me at nancy@auntnancyusa.com



Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Candy!!!

It's time to send out some Halloween candy to the troops!

Mail a box to your soldier now, maybe even add a few little decorations?

Candy can also be sent to our wounded troops in Germany at:

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center
ATTN: MCEUL-CH/Chaplains Office,
CMR 402
APO AE 09180

And if you and your kids have left-over candy, you can send that too!

ps:  Our Christmas stocking project will begin soon.  Because mail to Afghanistan takes longer, we'll want to send packages in early November this year!!  Stop your shopping now!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Afghanistan troops needing some care packages

We have an urgent request for help here.  Email me at nancy@auntnancyusa.com if you can get a package out for Andrew May. He has about 9 soldiers reporting to him and about 50 total with them.  The 1st Cavalry unit may end up with about 250 troops at this Camp Blue Devil. But I don't know all the details.

"Tami gave me the address for Andrew today. She is thrilled that you want to send him stuff. He is in worst shape than Scott. They are four hours from any base that has anything. These guys have NOTHING! No food or anything. They are eating MRE's. ICKY! so she rushed to get you his address. They have a whole lot of nothing. Thanks for all of support."

Anything we can get out to them over the next few weeks would be awesome.  Cookies (OREOS!), candy, gum, canned goods (with pull-tab lids)..... Unfortunately, mail to Afghanistan can take 4 to 6 weeks.
I suspect we'll need to support them for many months to come.
Stay tuned.

If anyone would rather just donate some cash, the wife of Andrew works with a program to help the military families.  I can put you in touch. T
On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 8:58 AM, Linda B. wrote:
"I just spoke with Karrie again ... they should be contacting you but she is on her way to Tami's home (Andrew's wife) to share the 'good news' ...


These families are so very grateful for everyone's help!  
I'm also getting requests for Scott who is in Iraq, and will be assigning some of you to him too.

"Scott is Karrie's husband and their condition in Iraq are better than those recently learned about through Karrie and Andrew's wife, Tami. The single most requested item are phone cards so these soldiers can call their loved ones.  Here is Scott's address, along with a few other names within their unit near Baghdad. Scott LOVES yogurt-covered pretzels, has a need for white, THICK, mid-calf socks (Size 10), Mach 3 razor blades (I just sent him all of the above this past week) and once in awhile, American history books and Harley Davidson, Men Fitness and Maxim Magazines. But based on the urgency from Andrew's wife, they could use good, healthy food (canned goods, etc.). Anything will be much appreciated. (I'll try to get an updated list of 'necessities' from Tami.)"
Note: I do not post addresses here or in the group emails.  You have to email me and request that information.  Thanks. Nancy

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Celebrate Independence Day by sending a note of appreciation to our troops

We've all heard of the increased violence in Afghanistan and wonder when will it end.  We may also wonder "what can I do"?

Here's my suggestion: this 4th of July, as you are celebrating our freedoms with your families and friends, take a few photos.  Then send them along with a note to one of our troops.  

Soldiers have told me that now more than ever, they need to hear that they are not forgotten.  They enjoy hearing about "normal life" back here in the USA. With what they are dealing, it is often difficult to even imagine that there IS  normal life still going on!  Think of how it feels in the middle of freezing cold January days in Michigan when, while we KNOW there is plenty of warmth and sunshine on the Florida beaches, it's almost impossible to imagine that "sun and fun" activities are actually going on... Now imagine how THEY must feel.

To get a soldier's name email me at Nancy@auntnancyusa.com

Sunday, April 18, 2010

No more packages to the 211MP BN

Today I was told that the 211 Military Police Battalion will be moving out in a few more weeks, and will not be able to use packages in May.  Please do not send any additional packages. They can still receive packages that have already been sent. 
Chaplain Pickens sends his thanks for all you have done to support the troops there.  Captain V. Mack also has sent her regards for all that you have done for them.

Hopefully I'll receive their replacements' names in June.

Monday, April 12, 2010

4th of July celebration goodies

It may seem hard to believe, but it's time to gather up goodies for 4th of July Independence Day packages!

Considering mail to Afghanistan usually takes at least 4 to 6 weeks, we should be mailing very soon.

Visit your local party supply center for patriotic themed decorations, plates and napkins, balloons, whatever looks fun.  Add a few water toys, like squirt guns, for those 120 degree July days, throw in a few packages of Oreo cookies, and YOU will be the hero to our troops!

While it's not the best time to send chocolate, the troops tell me "melted chocolate is better than NO chocolate!"  If you send some, make sure to put it inside ziploc bags so if it does melt it won't get all over everything. Buying chocolate bars that are inside individual wrappers helps too. Many of the soldiers have access to refrigerators and they store the chocolate there.  Then later when they eat it it's like "a little air conditioner for my mouth!"


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt for the troops - or at least a card!

Want to help a bunch of big tough guys act like little kids?  Send some plastic Easter eggs filled with candy, fuzzy chick, Peeps, and the like!  

While I should have organized this a month ago, there is still time to send some if you use PRIORITY MAIL.  And, besides, like Christmas and other holidays, when it comes to our troops, "Better Late Than Never" absolutely applies!

So, if you want to send goodies to the same Chaplain Pickens of the 211MP that some of you sent to before, go for it.  Otherwise, ask me for a name.

Any kind of Spring-themed cards would be appreciated.  They are hoping for warmer weather too, it's very cold in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately it's a short time before it gets too hot.  So send chocolate NOW!  (but always put it in a sealed baggie.)

And, my "send a FREE card to the troops" campaign is still going:  
You can even upload some family photos to make your card personal for the soldier.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jesse Rada is deployed again.

Jesse Rada contacted me this week to say he's deployed again.  This time to Afghanistan.

He has also given me a few of his troops to find sponsors for, which I'll be doing over the next week.

They would love to get some M&M peanut candies!  ;)

Jesse's photo from his previous deployment is still on the blog, down the left side.  You all sent his unit some Christmas stockings back in 2006.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies are a favorite of the troops!


It's Girl Scout cookie time!   Need I say anything more?????



Saturday, January 23, 2010

A cool way to send cards to the troops; COP Shocker leaving

Two items for you today.

1st, If you have been sending to troops at COP Shocker, you should discontinue now.  Our troops are leaving and redeploying to home base.

2nd, one of our friends suggested I recommend you look at sending cards via SendOutCards system.  It's a very cool online system that allows you to choose a card, personalize it, and just click "send".   The company prints the card, stuffs it, puts a real US postage stamp on it, and takes it to the post office for you!  And you can do for as little as $1.00 including the postage!  

This could be perfect for our mail to the troops!  The cards are very high quality.  I'm excited about the possibilities!

You can:
  • personalize your card
  • send post cards (a little less cost than the greeting cards)
  • send a tri-fold card (a little more cost than the regular greeting cards)
  • set up several cards at one time and choose different mail out dates to your soldier
  • send multiple cards to different addresses
  • add photos (extra cost)
Anyway, I think it's a great idea!  So much so that I joined the company this week and am now a distributor.  Ah! you say!  There's the catch!  Well, maybe.  Maybe I can make a couple pennies per card (someday).  BUT -- I really want to make it easy for you to send cards to our soldiers.  So, I've put in $100 for all of you*.  The first people who visit SimcoCards website can open up a FREE SendOutCards account and then send a card to a soldier for FREE.  On me.  How's that??

Once you get to the Card Catalog there is a selection for "Valentines", and another for "Patriotic".  If you send one now it should make it for Valentines Day.  You can do it right from your computer.

If you don't have an individual soldier (I'm still having trouble getting new troop names) then consider sending a card to Chaplain Pickens.  He has over 600 troops he is responsible for and wouldn't it be great if he got 600 cards?  (you guys will have to pay for some of those!)

* Donations have been added by some troop supporters.  You could also offer your free trial to your soldier to use to send a card home. 

While I always promised I would never, ever, post a soldier's information online, this Chaplain said this would be OK.  If the cards are addressed as below, he will not open them, just pass them to a soldier.  (I may remove his name in a few weeks.)  When you do this please include "Friends of Aunt Nancy USA" with your name in the cards so they will know how they got the card. 

Send to:

CH (1LT) Jeremy Pickens
In Care of Any Soldier
211MP BN
Camp Taji, Iraq
APO AE 09374

You could also send card to wounded troops in Germany at:

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center
ATTN: MCEUL-CH/Chaplains Office,
CMR 402
APO AE 09180

The  soldiers can use this online card system too.  Even though they don't have to pay for postage to mail to the USA, the cost for these cards and postage is less expensive than most cards all by themselves.  Plus the troops can prepare several cards ahead of time to be mailed home in the future and they don't have to worry about remembering or getting time at a computer later.

Thanks again for helping.  And let me know what you think of this online card system.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's time to send Valentines Day Packages -- and buy Girl Scout Cookies!

It's time to mail packages to the troops for Valentine's Day goodies!
Or at least cards. (Be sure to check that your unit is still deployed.  See topic list on left-side, near the bottom of blog.  Click on your unit for postings. Ex: the 93rd MPB has left Iraq.)

If you haven't heard back from your soldier don't despair... we most often do not.  Send a card and ask what he or she would like.  And tell them you'll send more if you hear back from them.  In addition, some mail has yet to arrive in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In fact, a soldier recently told me she mailed a card FROM Afghanistan TO Afghanistan and it took a month!

One recommendation: just send a Priority Mail, Flat Rate box full of Oreos!  I'm told that has never failed to impress!

One group last year made up dozens of bag of treats.  I think they even used Valentine ziploc baggies.  Remember: no homemade goodies except to your personal soldier IF they agree ahead of time  All store bought candy must be in original wrappers.  Sand get into everything so putting goodies in sealed baggies is great -  and the troops can re-used them.

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES are the biggest hit of all. Not only are they delicious, but it's a great "All American" reminder, a real taste of home. Sending some to your individual soldier is the best, but here is another option:

Nancy: Caroline is selling Girl Scout cookies again this year. (I'm troop leader and cookie mom!) They have an awesome option for cookie sales. People can pay for cookies and the Girl Scouts will warehouse those cookies (instead of delivering them to us), then send them to the Troops overseas. Would you be able to post that on your Aunt Nancy website. I don't know if all councils are participating in this or not. People can check into it, or they can order from our troop and just mail me a check or cash to cover the sale. Cookies are $3.50 a box.   Vicki


Chaplain Pickens, in Iraq, covers over 600 troops. Should we start a project to get them loaded up with candy and cookies? Who's in?

By the way, this morning I sent a group webmail update. If you are signed up but did not receive it, please leave a comment below. It's been doing that to some people for well over a year. Today neither of my email addresses received it! And it was not in my Trash or Junk Mail folders. What to do? I don't know how to fix it. (and now, what's happening here on Blogger? My words are getting broken up at the end of the lines......)


Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas stocking tally

Thanks everyone! While we still need stockings for the troops in Iraq, we have met the full request for our wounded troops at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. (IF everyone sends what they pledged). I now have another clinic asking for support -- this one in Iraq.

Should you go way above your pledged amount for any location, please contact me before sending them all.

Likewise, if you find you cannot fulfill what you offered to do, let me know also. Thanks.

Please try to remember to insert a copy of this Soldier Questionnaire in your packages: INFO SHEET.

One faithful volunteer has offered to help while I am gone to Europe. I'll be posting her email here in a couple of days. Thanks Lynn!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Special thanks to everyone who has pledged Christmas stockings for our troops. As of today there are 843 promised! (Assuming EVERYONE sends theirs). Be sure to get them in the mail soon. But, "better late than never" is a good motto to be sure.

With the addition of the 211th Military Police Brigade, I'm still looking for at least another 200 Christmas stockings. Email me at Nancy@auntnancyusa.com if you can help.

I will post a different email address while I'm on vacation next week. A wonderful person is going to fill in for me!


Monday, November 23, 2009

100 new names just received, and 211th MP adddress correction

This morning I received 100 new soldier names! Will it be possible to get them "adopted" in the next week? I'm going to try! My husband I and I leave for vacation in one week so my time, as well as the postal service's, is limited.

Also, if your soldier is in the 211th Military Police, I was told this:

"When mailing, please remove the TIFRC and Iraq portion. "They" ask that
we don't label packages with this information as it calls more attention
to them."

It would be great to get Christmas stockings sent here too! We did reach our goal of 500 for the wounded troops at Landstuhl!

ps: I sent out a group webmail update this morning. If you have submitted your email address on my website but did not receive the email, check your junk folder.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time to mail! About 10 days left!

Thanks to everyone who has joined in to send some cheer to our troops for the holidays. I have about one week before I leave for a vacation out of the country and will continue to answer as many email requests as I can until November 30th. If someone wants to volunteer to answer a few last minute emails for me, let me know. There will probably be a couple of dozen late joiners whom I won't be able to respond to otherwise. Every stocking helps!

Christmas Stocking count: I could still use about 150 more Christmas stockings for the wounded troops in our US Army hospital in Germany. Priority Mail to this location can arrive in 5 to 7 days!

Also, I did receive some contacts in Baghdad, and since their mail arrives quite efficiently, we can probably get by mailing to them for two more weeks.

REMEMBER: Never NOT mail something because it might be late! "Better Late Than Never" absolutely applies here.

Please try to remember to insert a copy of this Soldier Questionnaire in your packages: INFO SHEET.

Email me at Nancy@auntnancyusa.com

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Time is running out for stockings for our troops! 2009

Time is moving too quickly -- there are about TWO weeks left to get Christmas stockings out to our troops. (December 1st! if you can't meet this date I can suggest other ways to help.)

If you can help, please email me ASAP. Email:

Some suggestions for filling the Christmas stockings:
  • Candy candy candy - chocolate, candy canes (mini ones ship best), hard candy, whatever.
  • Tubes of cookies or chips
  • Small (1.5oz) bags of cookies, Goldfish crackers, nuts, etc.
  • Mints, breath mints or strips
  • Fun novelty treats as are for sale at drug stores
  • Healthy snack/energy bars
  • Chewing gum
  • Beef jerky
  • Small cans of energy drinks (for troops in the field)
  • Starbucks "VIA" ready brew coffee packets (about $2 for a 3 pack)
  • Microwave popcorn (commercial only - no homemade products can be accepted)
  • Hot chocolate packets
  • Lipbalm (ex: Chapstick. For troops in the field; not needed at the hospital)
  • Small bottles of lotion
  • Nail clippers
  • Current music CDs, or movie DVDs
  • A short string of Christmas lights
  • did I mention: candy candy candy?
  • You'll find many fun items once you start looking!
Check back often as I will be updating this list.

Do NOT send batteries of any kind unless specifically noted for your soldiers.

Be sure to read the extensive DO NOT SEND list for the wounded troops in a posting below from a couple of weeks ago.

Do NOT wrap items in the stockings. For the safety and security of our wounded troops the Red Cross volunteers have to inspect the stockings.

If you and/or your group has some funds available for more costly items, the troops would really love to get
1. iTune cards,
2. iPod Shuffles,
3. long distance phone cards (domestic; with no expiration date)
4. hand-held electronic games.
Items 1 - 4 above should NOT be put into the stockings with the other items however. Put them into an envelope in the same box. The chaplains will insert them into stockings for the troops who need them the most.

Throwing a Santa hat or silly reindeer antlers into the box is fun too.

You may make the stockings personal by inserting a note card with your name and address if you would like, and even a photo.

If you make a stocking specifically for a female soldier, tie a big pink ribbon on to it with a label "Female".

Email me at nancy@auntnancyusa.com and I'll give you an address to send stockings too.

But hurry -- time is getting short. Plus, I'm going out of the country the first half of December. I'll answer as many emails as I can until then.

DECORATIONS: If you want to send decorations to your soldiers they should go out now to give the troops time to enjoy them before Christmas.

Dollar stores sell the nice 14" furry red and white stockings for, you guessed it, $1.00!

Of course, non-denominational packages can be sent too. In this photo below you'll see some boxes rather than stockings.

Postage rates:
  • Your packages are actually going to a military base in the USA, so you are not paying international mailing rates. Still, it can get costly.
  • For mailings after November 15th you must use PRIORITY MAIL. (I recommend always using Priority Mail. The packages are handled better all along the route.)
  • Priority Mail FLAT RATE boxes usually save you money (over normal Priority Mail rates). As long as you can close the box with the flaps in place, the weight can go up to over 20 pounds.
  • There is a military discount of $2.00 if you use the LARGE flat rate priority boxes. I think they cost about $14 to mail now, but only about $12 if it's going to an Army Post Office (APO) destination as ours are.

Other mailing tips:

As of November 15th the post office recommends all packages go Priority Mail. Parcel Post may not make it in time for Christmas. USPS dates link

  • Packages should be neat and professional looking. Using the free boxes from the post office for Priority Mail works well.
  • Do tape well. All edges and corners. Use clear tape if possible.
  • Do write all addresses neatly. Security is very important. If your return address is not clear, the package could be discarded.
  • Do not decorate the outside of the box. Do not make it tempting for possible theft.
  • Do seal any liquids inside a ziploc bag. (You might use holiday bags to make it look nice.)
click here for USPS: USPS Military Packages link

Customs Declaration forms will be required.
  • Getting forms ahead of time will be helpful so you can list the contents of the package before sealing it.
  • You will have to list all contents, but do not make the lists too detailed.
  • Don't list "Christmas stocking" as that will make it more tempting to thieves. You might put "socks" (hey, that's not UNtrue!)
  • You will have list the contents, but be as vague as you can and still be legal. Again to avoid encouraging theft.

Joining in late? Too busy?
If you are too rushed to get items out in time for the holidays, I do have a Chaplain looking for supplies you can help with. Ask me about COP Shocker unit.

If you would like to just send a couple of bags of candy for the troops you can do that too!

Once again this year, there is an email circulating around the internet asking people to send an extra Christmas card or two to "Any Soldier", or "Recovering Soldier" at Walter Reed Hospital. The Army has warned of this mis-informed goal. You do not know where it actually started. While it is a noble idea, tens of thousands of Christmas cards have to be opened and inspected for security reasons, and it just can't be done by the hospitals. Thousands get thrown away.

Here's a link for other ways Walter Reed Army Hospital can use help: http://www.wramc.army.mil/support/Pages/default.aspx

I have names of troops you can send your cards to if you would like to do so.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

93rd Military Police Brigade - must mail now

The 93rd Military Police Brigade is scheduled to leave Iraq in January, and I just received word that they will only be able to receive packages up to December 1st.

So you must mail Christmas boxes NOW! (to THIS unit in Baghdad.) Packages mailed PRIORITY MAIL should arrive in 7 to 10 days to this unit. (Remember to use the large FLAT RATE Priority Mail boxes to get the military discount.)

They can receive letters up to December 15th. If you can send one last note of support and cheer it would mean a lot.

Then their Army Post Office (APO) will be closed as they get ready to redeploy out of Iraq.


If those of you who have adopted a soldier in this unit would like to send a stocking for him or her you must mail it very soon. I would allow 2 weeks - November 15 mailing if possible. You can always put a "Do Not Open Until Christmas" note inside your package. (not that anyone would actually wait!)

If you would like to surprise your soldier, you may address your package to the "back-up name" (In case of non-delivery) I gave you in your intro email. Put a note to her and indicate who the stocking should go to on Christmas Eve, or whenever they hold their candlelight services.

If you have not written your assigned soldier, or have been able to do so for over a month, please let me know. I have a waiting list of people who want to help and no soldiers.

Note: I sent out a group email distribution this evening. If you are signed up but not receiving these updates, check your junk mail folder.


2009 Christmas Stockings for Our Wounded Troops

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, our US Army hospital in Germany, has asked me for 500 stockings for our wounded troops.

As of 11/13/09 I have pledges for 301.

Some suggestions for filling the Christmas stockings:
  • Candy candy candy - chocolate, candy canes (mini ones ship best), hard candy, whatever.
  • Tubes of cookies or chips
  • Small (1.5oz) bags of cookies, Goldfish crackers, nuts, etc.
  • Mints, breath mints
  • Fun novelty treats as are for sale at drug stores
  • Healthy snack/energy bars
  • Chewing gum
  • Small cans of energy drinks
  • Starbucks "VIA" ready brew coffee packets (about $2 for a 3 pack)
  • Microwave popcorn (commercial only - no homemade products can be accepted)
  • Hot chocolate packets
  • Lipbalm (ex: Chapstick)
  • Current music CDs, or movie DVDs
  • You'll find many fun items once you start looking!
Do NOT send batteries of any kind to the hospital.

Do NOT wrap items in the stockings. For the safety and security of our wounded troops the Red Cross volunteers have to inspect the stockings.

If you and/or your group has some funds available for more costly items, the troops would really love to get
  1. iTune cards,
  2. iPod Shuffles,
  3. long distance phone cards (with no expiration date)
  4. hand-held electronic games.
Items 1 - 4 should NOT be put into the stockings with the other items however. Put them into an envelope in the same box. The chaplains will insert them into stockings for the troops who need them the most.

You may make the stockings personal by inserting a note card with your name and address if you would like, and even a photo. But know that we rarely hear back from the wounded troops.

If you make a stocking specifically for a female soldier, tie a big pink ribbon on to it with a label "Female".

Email me at nancy@auntnancyusa.com and I'll give you an address to send stockings too.

But hurry -- time is getting short, and, I'm going out of the country the first half of December. I'll answer as many emails as I can until then.

Of course, non-denominational packages can be sent too. In this photo below you'll see some boxes rather than stockings.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Another good reason to send candy to our troops....

Besides the fact that our troops LOVE candy (especially chocolate!) they often share what they receive with the local children. Many of you have sent candy (one women last year sent over 200 pounds of left-over Halloween candy she collected!) and some have sent Beanie Babies, school supplies, and even soccer balls.

This week I received a wonderful 1945 story from a woman. She said I could share it with you. You'll never know how long lasting your good deeds might be:

Hi y'all,

my daughter in law sent me your email and since
we do have so many Halloween candies left, I'm sending
them out together with her and another friends candies .

The reason I want to adopt an soldier is the following.

I was 10 years old the month of April in 1945 when
the American troops marched into Korntal bei Stuttgart
in Germany. Since we were the first house on the
outskirts of the small city, the commanding officers
with their soldiers put up their headquarters in our
Dining room.
My father was still somewhere in Estland,
so only my mother and I were at home.
I was ordered to stay in the cellar, but eventually
went up into the kitchen, where an soldier was
stationed. He saw me, waved to me to come in
and to my surprise emptied his pockets and gave me
all his candies and chocolate bars he had, the first
candies and chocolates I had seen in years.
Then he said in a broken German" I have a little girl
like you in America!"

This American soldier may be still alive, may be not,
but he sure lives on in my memories.

May be you can get me in touch with an younger
soldier who would like to hear some other amazing stories
from someone who remembers so fondly one of his kind.

Gerda (Gege) G.

Our troops do similar good deeds. Here are pictures soldiers have sent me, showing them sharing what we (YOU) have mailed to them. These were soccer balls -- a big hit for kids without any toys.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2009 Christmas mailing deadlines from the USPS

Here is a web link for information from the United States Postal Service regarding mailing deadlines for Christmas packages: USPS Holiday Info

For regular Parcel Post you need to get your packages in the mail by mid-November! Start early, or, use Priority Mail (recommended by me!) Mail to Baghdad is pretty good now, but if you are mailing to Afghanistan it will take much longer. If you want to send decorations the troops can use for a couple of weeks before any holidays, remember to allow time for that.

I encourage all packages to be shipped by Thanksgiving week even with Priority Mail. Chaplains sometimes want to hand goodies out at parties and religious services which often take place early.

Speaking of holidays: it's not too late to send Thanksgiving cards now.

Below is a partial chart:


Military Mail
Addressed To
Express Mail® Military Service (EMMS)1/ First-Class Mail®
Letters and Cards
Priority Mail® Parcel Airlift Mail (PAL) 2/ Space Available Mail (SAM)3/ Parcel Post®
APO/FPO AE ZIPs 090-092Dec-18Dec-11Dec-11Dec-4Nov-28Nov-13
APO/FPO AE ZIP 093N/ADec-4Dec-4Dec-1Nov-21Nov-13
APO/FPO AE ZIPs 094-098Dec-18Dec-11Dec-11Dec-4Nov-28Nov-13
APO/FPO AA ZIP 340Dec-18Dec-11Dec-11Dec-4Nov-28Nov-13
APO/FPO AP ZIPs 962-966Dec-18Dec-11Dec-11Dec-4Nov-28Nov-13

The USPS offers free boxes for Priority Mail and a discount on shipping to Army Post Office (APO) addresses. See the link above for more details.

It is important to keep your packages well taped, professional looking, and neat. If your return address is not nice and clear the package will be thrown away for security reasons.

Do not put cute stickers or decorations on the packages as it may encourage theft.

Get your Customs Declaration forms ahead of time to make them easier to fill in.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Candy for our wounded troops

Nov 18th update: Thanks everyone! These troops should not be wanting of candy for awhile due to all your donations!

Left-over candy??

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC), our US Army Hospital located in Germany, is low on candy and welcomes your left-over Halloween treats. All candy should be in original wrappers and bags. No home-made items are accepted.

If you have some to share, send it to:
Ask me for an address.

You will need to fill out a Customs Declaration form at the post office.

And please also let me know if you send out candy as I try to keep track of how much is sent to different destinations. email nancy@auntnancyusa.com

Since you will be mailing to an Army Post Office (APO) destination, you only have to pay domestic postage rates (not overseas rates to Germany).

NOTE: Candy is heavy. Those of you doing an office collection or school project, I recommend you solicit for funds for shipping too. Since there is no "due date" for the candy, regular parcel post is the cheapest way to go. If you are going to send decorations, candy and/or gifts for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other holidays, mail early and use Priority Mail FLAT RATE boxes. The US Postal Service gives a discount for Army Post Office (APO) destinations.

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center is the hospital more severely wounded are flown to immediately after being hurt. They are cared for there until they can return to their unit, or, are flown to a hospital in the USA. I'm also looking for volunteers to commit to sending Christmas stocking there too. (Limited amount, so you must let me know.) nancy@auntnancyusa.com

To see more about what is needed for arriving wounded troops, see postings below (or search by "LRMC"). Note their "Do NOT Send" list too. It is different for the hospital than for soldiers out in the field. See this link: LRMC requests