Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! on to Valentines Day packages...

Thanks everyone for such great participation this year!

In addition to over 800 Christmas stockings being sent, a couple of hundred packages were mailed. I'm hoping to receive more photos from the troops, and when I do I'll post them here.

It was especially gratifying for me this year as I connected with several Marine families right here near me at Camp Pendleton (San Diego).  This was a totally new adventure, and became very personal as I was able to meet them in person.

The Marine wives only asked for some support and cheer for their husbands, but many of you jumped in to make their Christmas a little more enjoyable after I found out how great the need was.  Frequent deployments, and several medical issues put a real crunch on their finances and emotions.  A simple request to you all and gift cards, toys, tickets to Disneyland, and even decorated Christmas trees were offered.  Then I connected with the Camp Pendleton Rotary Club and they provided toys, dinners, and car seats to these young families.

We will continue to follow these Marines, as one family has a newborn who was in 3 different hospitals in one week, and an older child in the hospital with pneumonia. Another has pending surgery for Dad, Mom, and a 5 year old all about the same time.

I'll update here as usual.

Valentines Day is only 6 weeks away, so if you didn't get something out for Christmas or New Years, or even if you did, consider a package to be mailed in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned!  And again, THANK YOU!  It is my pleasure to be the conduit to our troops.