Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jesse Rada & troops - a thank you and photos

The mail is working really well -- some of our Christmas packages are already arriving! 
It was nice to hear that Lester Holt and the "Today Show" were with these troops on Thanksgiving day!  I didn't see them though.  Did you?

Aunt Nancy,

It was a nice surprise to receive the care packages from the Schindler Family. We received Christmas Hats and Stockings from Ms Schindler, see photo attached.. Thank you and all your supporters for all you do for us.

We would be pleased if you posted our photo that I sent Ms Schindler on your blog.

In September, for a morale booster, we celebrated Mustache month in Honor of Tom Selleck (I'm kidding, in reality, since most of us had just gotten back from R&R, I figure it would be a good camaraderie builder). In the photo attached are all those that participated from our directorate. We have a pretty good team as you can see.

I'm nearing to the end of My tour here(Two more months to go). For some reason or another, it never fails, time seems to slow down as we get closer to re-deploy. I keep busy by assisting and planning trips all over Afghanistan in support of our mission.

For Thanksgiving, we were joined by Lester Holt and the Today show. Thanks to the Today show, morale was high, as families got to see their loved ones on this special day. Our office made it a family event on thanksgiving, as we were able to sit down a have dinner together. Due to everyone busy schedule it's hard for us to sit down together as a group. At the end of the night, I was able to speak with my wife and children and wish them a Thanksgiving.

The team here greatly appreciates the work and effort that you do and the families from all over that you bring together. Your efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

From the CJ7 ANA Training, We wish you, your family and bloggers a Happy Holiday season and many thanks!

Jesus M. Rada
If you have troops in this unit, Jesse informs me 3 soldiers have now re-deployed and are no longer in Afghanistan:
Frizi A.  
Sameka O.   
Eliason, A.

Hello Mr. White!