Thursday, November 25, 2010

Address change notice for JSS Loyalty; other troop updates

JSS Loyalty
The troops I have at JSS Loyalty have received a slight address change.
The original should still work but start using the new one now. 

If you have "2nd BSB" then you have the latest address.

If you haven't received an email from me with the info, ask.
I do not post addresses online.


Marines in G-6 Unit-40115
Most of the Marines in G-6 Unit-40115 are redeploying out of Afghanistan in January. D. Bonney will be there 3 more months.  As for the others, do not send any more packages after Christmas unless your Marine confirms he is staying longer.  I'll post more info here when I get it, so look back later.

Meanwhile, if you are not sure, send a card or letter asking your Marine.  (And let me know what you find out!)


The Marines we were sponsoring in the
1/3 Bravo Co 2nd Plt Unit 44025 and
1/3 Alpha Co 3rd Plt Unit 44020
are back at home base now.  They might be deploy again as soon as May '11.