Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Note From Buffie - THANK YOU!

We have supported Buffie H. since the start in 2003 when she was in the 18th Military Police Brigade with my niece, Sara, in Baghdad. She then returned to Baghdad two more times with the 89th Military Police as they alternated tours of duty with the 18th. She was our contact as the Chaplain's Assistant.
Some of you "adopted" her (I think her first request was a pool stick -- and she got it!), MANY of you supported her soldiers, and even many more have sent Christmas packages, birthday and 4th of July party celebration supplies!

She is still sending us troops who could use our support. And here is a recent email from her that I thought you might enjoy. She is now stationed at Fort Bragg.

Aunt Nancy,

I really do miss corresponding with you. Thank you so much for taking care of our soldiers. Since I've been in recruiting I have been very busy with this task of putting them in boots... Thats a saying we have. "Put em in Boots!!"

While I was deployed I made some pretty amazing friends through your program. You all made me me look good when it came to events for my Soldiers. We did Christmas programs, Thanksgiving, Birthday celebration, Mayor's Cup events, and fourth of July celebrations in addition to much more.

I really miss being in Iraq and supporting the fight and being in the fight. I don't want to go back!!!! but I do miss it. My heart is still there with the troops. I wish I could express to you my gratitude. If you could tell all your supporters that I said thank you that would be amazing.

US Army Recruiter
Fort Bragg, NC