Sunday, June 14, 2009

772 MP's - a 4 month request for support

It's 120 degrees in Iraq now --- and not about to cool off.

I just received a few more soldiers' names from the 772 Military Police Company who are in need of mail and some extra support to get through this Summer deployment. It would be especially nice for them to receive something by 4th of July.

It's only a 4 month request, as they are leaving Iraq in October, so I hope more people will consider adopting someone... Even if it's just a greeting card and/or a pack of Kool-Aid to freshen up the taste of their water!

email me at if you can help for a few months.

Stephen Colbert recently performed in Baghdad for some of the units we support. I don't know if any our individual soldiers got to see him. You could ask yours if he/she did. Here's the weblink: