Saturday, January 10, 2009

Valentine's Day and Girl Scout Cookies!!

Our Soldiers really, really LOVE Girl Scout cookies! It's my most asked for item! If you want to help Girl Scout Troops AND our Military Troops away from home, AND avoid all the calories (OK, keep a box or two for yourself haha) consider buying some for our soldiers!

Valentine Day treats make their day too! This is another great classroom, Scout group, or family project. (All food products must be store bought and in original packaging.)

If you sent Christmas stockings to Dave Shaw, Christina Lloyd, or Patricia Ramirez, you may send goodies for them to continue to pass along. Of course if you have adopted an individual soldier, he or she would get a kick out of receiving something directly from you. I still have about 30 waiting for a sponsor.

If you received a soldier name prior to September 2008, that troop may no longer be "in theatre". Be sure to check for updates here --- see older posts topics along the left side.

I will be out of town this week and may not be checking email until after January 18th.