Wednesday, January 28, 2009

716 Military Police - THANK YOU - now redeploying

The 716th is packing up and preparing to leave Iraq. No more packages or letters now to THIS unit.
I'm expecting to get new names as the 93rd Military Police Brigade is arriving. The replacement troops are out of Fort Bliss, Texas. There will probably be 60 or 70 new soldiers I'll be looking to find sponsors for.

Here's the email from my contact in the 716:

Aunt Nancy,

Thank you for distributing our Soldier's names to other people. They did
follow through and we had more than plenty of goodies to spread around.
SSG Cobb has some pictures of the Christmas party that he was going to
send (if he hasn't already) to just let you know that we had a wonderful
time, in part because of people like you.

Since we are nearing the end of our deployment, we no longer are having
things sent to us. The new unit replacing us however, will be more than
happy to start receiving goodies from your group. They are the 93rd MP
Bn from Fort Bliss, Texas. They'll be ready to start receiving packages
towards the middle of February. Once I know a good point of contact,
I'll make sure to let you know once I get it.

Have a great day and again, I appreciate all that you have done from the
bottom of my heart, thank you!

- SGT Ramirez

and another:

I truly thank you and those who've helped you for all the support given
to 716TH MP BN. Looking back, there had been enormous amount of support
from people like you to our unit. Truthfully speaking, part of it has
been taken for granted. Many of the Soldiers were busy getting the
mission completed including myself. Looking back in time, I regret not
taking enough time to thank those who are always by our side back home.

We will be heading to Kuwait in about 2 weeks.

I can't thank enough. Please tell those around you as well that we are

Take care Aunt Nancy!!!

Hanna H.

- - -

Here's another thank you from a different unit:


I am a Soldier serving in Baghdad. Much to my surprise, I received a
very nice letter from a complete stranger in New York. Thanks for what
you do.


8th Military Police Brigade