Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Note from Afghanistan - it's very cold there now!

Here's a note home from one of "our" soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan. It is freezing there now. I think the heating pad idea is a great one! Hopefully we will be able to share more updates.
If you have received a Thank-You from your soldier, or anything you think others may appreciate reading, send it to me:
I don't generally post full names unless the troop gives the "OK".

Hi honey,
I miss you and really hope you are getting better. There is not a whole lot I can do except pray and make it though this deployment. I am tired, tired of cold showers and stepping out into cold wheather after getting wet from ice cold water. Sometimes, I luck out and get one minute of warm water in my shower, but it does not last long enough to rise.

Yes, the heating pad works, and I don't want to get out of bed because it is cold. I wish I could wear it in the shower. It is so cold I have to sleep with my shampoo to keep it from getting frozen in the bottle. It is so cold I have to put my water in the fridge to keep it from freezing overnight.

Honey, when I come home I have some stories to tell you. This deployment has been an awesome adventure and I cant wait to tell you. I love you alot. Tell C. I say "Whats up dude". Tell your momma, to put some beans in the kettle I will be home soon. At least for a little while.