Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time to shop for Christmas stockings!

It's spooky!  It's scary!

UPDATE 10/30:  Halloween is HERE, and in 4 short weeks is Thanksgiving, and well, you all know how quickly the holidays sneak up on us.  We need to mail in EARLY November this year!

Therefore, it is important to plan and shop for your Christmas and holiday packages in October! That's only two weeks. Most of our troops are in Afghanistan and it can take six weeks for mail to arrive. Even Priority Mail.

If you want to participate with Christmas stockings for the troops, please get your groups and/or families to start now. Target mailing in the first 2 weeks in November if you want to be sure your packages arrive in time for the chaplains to sort through the boxes and have them ready to distribute.

Of course we'll still be mailing throughout November and hope for less than 4 week delivery.
For Christmas cards too:  You want your soldier, sailor, or marine to enjoy the card a few weeks before.