Thursday, July 1, 2010

Celebrate Independence Day by sending a note of appreciation to our troops

We've all heard of the increased violence in Afghanistan and wonder when will it end.  We may also wonder "what can I do"?

Here's my suggestion: this 4th of July, as you are celebrating our freedoms with your families and friends, take a few photos.  Then send them along with a note to one of our troops.  

Soldiers have told me that now more than ever, they need to hear that they are not forgotten.  They enjoy hearing about "normal life" back here in the USA. With what they are dealing, it is often difficult to even imagine that there IS  normal life still going on!  Think of how it feels in the middle of freezing cold January days in Michigan when, while we KNOW there is plenty of warmth and sunshine on the Florida beaches, it's almost impossible to imagine that "sun and fun" activities are actually going on... Now imagine how THEY must feel.

To get a soldier's name email me at