Sunday, August 8, 2010

Afghanistan troops needing some care packages

We have an urgent request for help here.  Email me at if you can get a package out for Andrew May. He has about 9 soldiers reporting to him and about 50 total with them.  The 1st Cavalry unit may end up with about 250 troops at this Camp Blue Devil. But I don't know all the details.

"Tami gave me the address for Andrew today. She is thrilled that you want to send him stuff. He is in worst shape than Scott. They are four hours from any base that has anything. These guys have NOTHING! No food or anything. They are eating MRE's. ICKY! so she rushed to get you his address. They have a whole lot of nothing. Thanks for all of support."

Anything we can get out to them over the next few weeks would be awesome.  Cookies (OREOS!), candy, gum, canned goods (with pull-tab lids)..... Unfortunately, mail to Afghanistan can take 4 to 6 weeks.
I suspect we'll need to support them for many months to come.
Stay tuned.

If anyone would rather just donate some cash, the wife of Andrew works with a program to help the military families.  I can put you in touch. T
On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 8:58 AM, Linda B. wrote:
"I just spoke with Karrie again ... they should be contacting you but she is on her way to Tami's home (Andrew's wife) to share the 'good news' ...


These families are so very grateful for everyone's help!  
I'm also getting requests for Scott who is in Iraq, and will be assigning some of you to him too.

"Scott is Karrie's husband and their condition in Iraq are better than those recently learned about through Karrie and Andrew's wife, Tami. The single most requested item are phone cards so these soldiers can call their loved ones.  Here is Scott's address, along with a few other names within their unit near Baghdad. Scott LOVES yogurt-covered pretzels, has a need for white, THICK, mid-calf socks (Size 10), Mach 3 razor blades (I just sent him all of the above this past week) and once in awhile, American history books and Harley Davidson, Men Fitness and Maxim Magazines. But based on the urgency from Andrew's wife, they could use good, healthy food (canned goods, etc.). Anything will be much appreciated. (I'll try to get an updated list of 'necessities' from Tami.)"
Note: I do not post addresses here or in the group emails.  You have to email me and request that information.  Thanks. Nancy