Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time to mail! About 10 days left!

Thanks to everyone who has joined in to send some cheer to our troops for the holidays. I have about one week before I leave for a vacation out of the country and will continue to answer as many email requests as I can until November 30th. If someone wants to volunteer to answer a few last minute emails for me, let me know. There will probably be a couple of dozen late joiners whom I won't be able to respond to otherwise. Every stocking helps!

Christmas Stocking count: I could still use about 150 more Christmas stockings for the wounded troops in our US Army hospital in Germany. Priority Mail to this location can arrive in 5 to 7 days!

Also, I did receive some contacts in Baghdad, and since their mail arrives quite efficiently, we can probably get by mailing to them for two more weeks.

REMEMBER: Never NOT mail something because it might be late! "Better Late Than Never" absolutely applies here.

Please try to remember to insert a copy of this Soldier Questionnaire in your packages: INFO SHEET.

Email me at

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!