Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Candy for our wounded troops

Nov 18th update: Thanks everyone! These troops should not be wanting of candy for awhile due to all your donations!

Left-over candy??

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC), our US Army Hospital located in Germany, is low on candy and welcomes your left-over Halloween treats. All candy should be in original wrappers and bags. No home-made items are accepted.

If you have some to share, send it to:
Ask me for an address.

You will need to fill out a Customs Declaration form at the post office.

And please also let me know if you send out candy as I try to keep track of how much is sent to different destinations. email

Since you will be mailing to an Army Post Office (APO) destination, you only have to pay domestic postage rates (not overseas rates to Germany).

NOTE: Candy is heavy. Those of you doing an office collection or school project, I recommend you solicit for funds for shipping too. Since there is no "due date" for the candy, regular parcel post is the cheapest way to go. If you are going to send decorations, candy and/or gifts for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other holidays, mail early and use Priority Mail FLAT RATE boxes. The US Postal Service gives a discount for Army Post Office (APO) destinations.

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center is the hospital more severely wounded are flown to immediately after being hurt. They are cared for there until they can return to their unit, or, are flown to a hospital in the USA. I'm also looking for volunteers to commit to sending Christmas stocking there too. (Limited amount, so you must let me know.)

To see more about what is needed for arriving wounded troops, see postings below (or search by "LRMC"). Note their "Do NOT Send" list too. It is different for the hospital than for soldiers out in the field. See this link: LRMC requests