Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Candy and supplies needed for the wounded warriors in Germany

From the Wounded Warriors Center at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (Army Hospital) in Germany.

My name is Lisa P. – I am the new Donations Coordinator. Laura Smith is moving to the states in July and she will be missed!!

A needs list is attached. There were only a few changes this time around. We will be doing a more complete inventory this summer and will probably update again in the fall for the colder weather.

I can tell you that we are rapidly going through our candy supply. We tend to receive candy around Christmas and Valentine’s Day and then the supply slims down for the months in between. Some sort of 4th of July treats would be welcomed. I just started volunteering at the WWMC in January and I’m not sure what you did with Laura for the Christmas Stockings, but I am up for just about anything!

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future,

Lisa P.

Wounded Warrior Ministry Center

Pastoral Services Division

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

The Wounded Warrior Ministry Center (WWMC) is an entity within LRMC Pastoral Services that cares for the needs of wounded and ill service members medevac’d from the GWOT. The WWMC provides items of comfort to “fill holes” until the service member’s personal items can catch up with them in the military healthcare system.

The WWMC services more than 750 service members each month. Since the WWMC is a non-funded entity (within DOD), we rely on the generous donations of fellow Americans and others, both substantive and monetary, to provide these items. We truly appreciate the efforts of each and every person willing to share “hugs from home” and words of encouragement with those who have given so much for the cause of Freedom in our world!

This list will be updated periodically. Be sure to read the "NOT Needed" list too!

Phone cards – Domestic only with no expiration date

Black 30 inch duffel bags (no logos)

Long sleeve t-shirts/shirts L-XL-M-S (in this order)

Pajama pants (men’s sizes L, XL, M (in this order)

Men’s t-shirts L, M (not undershirts)

Men’s Slippers (slip-on non-slip) sizes 8-14

Women’s t-shirts S, M, L, XL

Bras/Sports bras 32-38

Travel Pillows

Nail clippers

Men’s & Women’s Deodorant

Lip Balm/Chapstick

Travel size shaving cream

Travel size Gold Bond Powder

Hand-held electronic games

Healthy snack bars, chocolate, and candy

DVDs (no extreme violence or nudity – no VHS tapes)

iTunes Cards

iPod Shuffles

DO NOT send USED items!

As of this time we have no need for anything not on the current list (updated regularly).

Thank you for your generosity.

Please do not send the following:

No Men’s white or color briefs
No CDs, Video tapes
No Bar soap, large and hotel size
Bubble bath, salts
Hair conditioner
No Large toothpaste
No Toothbrushes
Make-up and facial creams, nail polish, etc. including samples
Lotion any size
Baby wipes
Large economy size toiletries
Pre-packaged toiletry kits
Bath towels & face cloths
Lap blankets/double, queen or king size blankets
No Women’s underwear
No Feminine products
No Books, magazines
No Playing cards
Sudoku and puzzle books
Pencils, erasers and pencil sharpeners
No Writing paper / Envelopes are needed
Blank greeting cards
Any size batteries - none are required anymore
Over the counter medications/any medications
Coffee mugs
Candles, matches, lighters
Canned food
Any knitted items
Signed holiday cards (Christmas, Valentines, Easter, etc.) Please only send a very few – we receive thousands more than the number of patients that come in all year and cannot possibly distribute them all.
NO Used clothing – or clothing with stains or holes or broken zippers, missing buttons, etc.

For updated list contact:

April 2009

Donation to the WWMC fund for items that are used for targeted high-demand and seasonal items would be acceptable
(payable to:

I do not publish individual's addresses online.
If you want to help, email me at