Sunday, March 15, 2009

The 93rd Military Police Brigade & An Easter Egg Hunt!

The latest unit to ask for our support are in the 93rd Military Police Brigade, stationed in Baghdad.
There are about 100 soldiers whom I'm trying to find sponsors for, so if you would like a name email me at

EASTER: The Chaplain's Assistant and my POC for these troops is asking our help for an Easter Egg Hunt! There isn't much time, but if you can get some plastic eggs and candy sent out it would be most appreciated! Email me for the address.

This could be a nice project for families, scout, or school groups: write little notes of cheer and put them in plastic eggs! Maybe along with those silly little fuzzy yellow chicks? or something else fun.
Any candy sent must be in it's original store bag for security reasons. So sweets like jelly beans should be sent still in their bags. If you would like to fill the Easter eggs, do so with little bitty candies still in their wrappers like the tiny bite-size candy bars.

All the Easter cards we can send would also be fun -- both religious and otherwise. I have over 200 names if you want to send them personally. Or, just sign a few and the chaplains can pass them out.

Easter requests:
  • Plastic colored eggs
  • Candy to fill the eggs
  • Colored plastic grass
  • 200 Chocolate bunnies
  • Cards, lots of cards!
  • Decorations
PRIORITY MAIL packages will get here in less than a week, but the chaplains need time to organize it all, so the sooner the better. THANKS! I suggest mailing by March 29.

If you would like to send little packages of Easter cheer for a number of troops, I like to suggest putting some candy, maybe a little Easter grass, some kind of small toy or fuzzy chick, and a signed card in a small zip-loc-style baggie like these troops received for Valentine's Day:

Since sand gets into everything, the sealed bags work nicely.

NOTE: If you have already accepted one of the soldiers from the 93rd MPB, I may have put a wrong name in your info letter -- It was SPC Smith who sent me the names, NOT SSG Lloyd (that's for another unit.)

PS: My husband and I are traveling and don't get internet every night, so, I'll try to answer emails as quickly as possible.

The original request from the 93rd MPB:
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all again for all
the prayers and support. I was sitting outside today with some of our
soldiers talking about lent and Easter and one of the main things that
kept coming up was soldiers missing the Easter egg hunt with their kids
this year while deployed. This brought on a stream of thoughts with what
we could do, now clearly we cannot bring the kids to the soldiers or the
soldiers to the kids over this holiday, but the next best thing would be
to bring an Easter Egg hunt to Baghdad. Realizing that this is a little
short notice I was wondering if there would be a chance to collect
Easter eggs and Easter candy so that this Easter egg hunt can become a

While Easter is in my opinion the biggest Christian Holiday of
the year, we are hoping that this will provide an opportunity for us to
spread the good word to some of our soldiers who may not celebrate
Easter regularly, or may not even call themselves Christians. If you
would be willing to send some packages of plastic Easter eggs and Easter
candy please let me know. I would love to bring some fun and faith to my
soldiers during this time of war and separation.

God Bless,

Tiann Smith
Chaplain Assistant
93D Military Police Battalion
Camp Liberty, Iraq