Saturday, November 22, 2008

More help for Santa requested! 716th MP

Another new unit in Iraq has requested our help with Christmas cheer: The 716 Military Police. Since they too can get PRIORITY MAIL quickly, there's hope to get them some goodies there in time! In fact, early enough to enjoy for the week before Christmas! There are 79 soldiers here. My contact wants at least to get the young/junior enlisted, first deployment, etc. troops some cheer.

They have no decorations so let's see what we can send them.

Filled Christmas Stockings
Christmas Lights

Tree, and ornaments
Cards (from you to them)
Decorations of any kind
Baked goods (store bought)
Candy Canes

Fake Snow
Inflatable Snowman
Fun stuff!

Dollar stores may be a great asset here. It would be nice if they receive decorations ASAP so they can enjoy them longer.

Note: Homemade baked goods are generally not allowed.

BAD NEWS: It's been a very lean year for many people as we all know, and it has really shown up here. Offers to help the troops this Christmas are down about 75%! The military families are feeling the pinch too. If you want to even just send some Christmas cards, cookies, or candy canes, I can tell you the troops will be ever so appreciative!

GOOD NEWS: PRIORITY MAIL has been reaching some of these Baghdad units in only 10 days! That's AMAZING! So, while we should still try for the 1st week of December, we may get by with shipping the 2nd week! I just don't know how crazy the Christmas rush will get. Now we have time for last minute shopping over Thanksgiving weekend!

Also, if you see fun New Years Eve decorations or goodies, we can send them too! That would give you another week to mail.