Monday, November 24, 2008

Troops ready to be "adopted" - College gear & music wanted for Christmas!

Over 200 new soldiers names were given to me this week. This is the 716th MP.
Note: Their APO address has 5 digits. If I gave you only 4, please contact me.

Here's something new I'll try!
I just received a list of soldiers along with their interests. You can pick a soldier from the list below! Choose a number still in black. (First come, first serve of course!) I'm looking for year-long "adoptions" but also Christmas gift only volunteers. Let me know which you might be interested in. There are over 100 soldiers available for "adoption". This particular unit has just a few months left.

If any of you want to purchase some of the items listed below, my contact will accept them, wrap them, and deliver them to the designated soldier for Christmas! A variety of college t-shirts would be a great start! Music, movies, magazines, and perfume are also high on the list! Time is running out for Christmas mailings!
  1. BMX Biking / UFC / Heavy Metal
  2. Games/Billiards(plays Pool)
  3. Karaoke, Ohio State Football, XBOX first shooter games
  4. Muscle cars, Muscle magazines
  5. Punk/ Heavy Metal Music
  6. hip hop music
  7. NFLCollege Football
  8. loves to cook/picture frames or album
  9. Nascar
  10. (female) perfume/travel magazines
  11. football/ picture frames/ phone cards/plays guitar
  12. (female) pedicure stuff/ magazines/ newlywed
  13. Golfs
  14. football/weightlifting
  15. football
  16. likes to build things out of scrap/ loves to fish
  17. (female) University Kentucky, Sweets, WWE, Country Music
  18. music rap/country
  19. Football / Basket Ball
  20. Gaming magazines, World of Warcraft
  21. fishing pole/ anything outdoor
  22. College Sports, Fishing, Philadelphia Eagles
  23. Computer Games
  24. tuner car magazines, stock market, real estate
  25. (female) Beauty Items, Photography, Sponge Bob
  27. Anything UT Vols
  28. Basketball
  29. old movie with Danny kaye in them
  30. 4-Wheeling / Off Road
  31. Memphis Sports, soul music,
  32. mafia movies, cowboy hats, vokswagon magazines
  33. football/ California themed items/ Golf
  34. weightlifting/ learning English as a Second Language/ anything to do with aviation
  35. Motorcycles
  36. UFC / Sports
  37. Boxing/poker
  38. weightlifting/ poker
  39. Christian music;
  40. Anything to do with computers
  41. MICHIGAN STATE graduate/ college football fan
  42. Ohio state fan
  43. Comedies/ perfume/ pajamas
  44. Movies (Top Gun)
  45. Movies (Top Gun)
  46. perfume/pajamas
  47. Penn state graduate basketball!
  48. Perfume/ pajamas (she's about 6'1)
  49. Basketball, comedies, from California
  50. "Crimson Tide" Alabama gear
  51. OHIO STATE college football fan
  52. (our chaplain) Kentucky anything, used to be in the Old guard
  53. Ohio state / Penn State fan
  54. Tennessee fan; likes junk food; (silly- wants santa suit)
  55. Tennessee fan; loves to dip tobacco;
****As a whole, they would like the show "Man vs. Wild" with Bear Grills so they can watch it since it's not a show they get here.

If you would be interested in sponsoring someone for his or her year-long deployment, send me an email:

Of course, you can sign up to just help for Christmas too!