Saturday, January 12, 2008

Other Sites You Can Help With

There has been such a wonderful response to recent publicity of "Aunt Nancy USA" that I am unable to connect all of you individually to the troops overseas. (Right now I have no new troops for you.) Since I'm just a small "one-woman" organization, I've been researching some of the many "support the troops" projects that you might want to help with instead. Recently three have been brought to my attention that I'd like you to consider.

  • Soldiers' Angels started a couple of months after me and very much like me, except by a Mom and not an Aunt ...they grew very big, and even got a non-profit status! In fact, they told me this week that they have many soldiers waiting for support and not enough Angels. Since I have the opposite situation, we are going to do some coordination. Look at their website directly if you would like. Tell them "Aunt Nancy" sent you!

  • Want to help with knit hats and slippers to keep the troops warm? It's freezing there this time of year. This group also focuses on the wounded warriors, like the ones we sent Christmas stockings to at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. Check out them out for some of the ways you can help send "Hugs From Home":
  • A couple of my former General Motors co-workers pointed me to this Michigan group that sends all the typical goodies, plus pillows, hand-made "Four Freedoms" quilts, even bread makers!, and well, quite a variety of items to the troops. They look very organized! If you live in the area you can get actively involved too.
They are tax-deductible too!

These groups may be able to help you help the troops better and easier than I can. Each has a different approach. Take a look and let me know what you think. If you find other groups you like to use, and think I should post them on my Blog, tell me.

Remember, most of these groups are just volunteers like me trying to do the best they can. It's hard to keep up with the troop changes and military addresses, and often overwhelming. Few of us are "experts".

Meanwhile, as soon as I get new soldiers I'll be assigning individuals to those of you still waiting! I hope to keep my project small enough to stay personal with direct contact to the troops and you.