Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome Quinn & Rose "War Room" listeners!

Today my mailbox is filling up with emails from folks who heard my little project mentioned on the "Quinn & Rose" radio show this morning! I didn't know anything about them, but have just visited their website now and listened to their podcam. They are a talk radio show out of Pittsburgh I think -- with XM satellite radio they are a national program!

Thanks for wanting to help send some notes of cheer and support to our troops. I'll try to get back with all of you ASAP, hopefully within a week. I still have dozens of requests I couldn't get to by Christmas. There is no "organization" here, just me and my computer.

I started writing the troops myself back in early 2003 when my niece, a Captain in the 18th Military Police, wrote home about some soldiers who were not getting any mail. (Hence, the "Aunt Nancy" name stuck.) Troops pass along other soldier names to me, sometimes one or two at a time, sometimes 20 to 50.

Several units are redeploying out of Iraq right now and I have very few new troops to assign at the moment. That can change overnight or, not for several weeks. Quinn & Rose's website has a few nice, larger, military-assisting websites you might have good success with.

For the rest of you, here is the audio link to the show. One of my volunteers wrote in about the nice package her family received back from their soldier. The letter is read in the last 10 minutes of this about 35 minute segment, so you can if you would like, slide the arrow towards the end if you don't have time to listen to the whole piece right now. January 7, 2008 podcast/PITTSBURGH-PA/WPGB-FM/ Quinn_and_Rose