Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Co 2d BSTB, & B Co. - Out of Iraq

SFC Jesse Rada and his A Co 2d BSTB, 10th MTN Div, Unit # 43045, are leaving Iraq, October 2007. These are the fellows who needed some flyers' gloves. (Did anyone send gloves?) They had a tough time there, lost two of their own, SPC Lorne Henry Jr., and SPC Richard Soukenka. Our thoughts and prayers are still with the troops and their families.

SGT Paul Stovall and his B CO 3-144 INF. 2nd PLT., Camp Delta (Scania), left Iraq in August 2007. Many of you really helped Paul and his troops with microwaves, dishes, hot water heaters, and lots of support! I don't thing we were successful in getting more than one Hummer siren replacement sent, but we did actually help get the part number and ordering info that may have helped him cut some red tape!

Here is A Co, with Jesse up front, posing with boxes of Christmas stockings and goodies you sent them last Christmas.