Tuesday, October 30, 2007

720 MP BN, Unit 42171 - accepting mail

CSM Drew Craig, and the 720 Military Police are currently accepting mail. Expected date to redeploy back to home base: March 2008

A note from the Command Sergeant Major:
My name is Jerry (Drew) Craig and I am the Command Sergeant Major for the 720th Military Police Company based at Fort Hood, Texas. My unit recently arrived in Baghdad and we are part of the 89th Military Police Brigade. My BDE CSM told me that I should contact you in reference to possibly supporting the Soldiers of my unit with some of the items that make life here a little more bearable. He told me that you and your organization support their headquarters with many items that the Soldiers sincerely appreciate.
My unit is based on a new portion of the Forward Operating Base in a rather remote area. Our support is good, but not what some of the units on more built up areas get and I want to do everything I can to make things as good as can be for my young men and women. Anything you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated.
I've talked to a few folks here in the 89th that have participated in this, and they are all so thankful and enthusiastic about it. I just want to tell you that it makes a WORLD of difference when we get support from folks like you.

Thank you SO much.
March 2007

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