Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt for the troops - or at least a card!

Want to help a bunch of big tough guys act like little kids?  Send some plastic Easter eggs filled with candy, fuzzy chick, Peeps, and the like!  

While I should have organized this a month ago, there is still time to send some if you use PRIORITY MAIL.  And, besides, like Christmas and other holidays, when it comes to our troops, "Better Late Than Never" absolutely applies!

So, if you want to send goodies to the same Chaplain Pickens of the 211MP that some of you sent to before, go for it.  Otherwise, ask me for a name.

Any kind of Spring-themed cards would be appreciated.  They are hoping for warmer weather too, it's very cold in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately it's a short time before it gets too hot.  So send chocolate NOW!  (but always put it in a sealed baggie.)

And, my "send a FREE card to the troops" campaign is still going:  
You can even upload some family photos to make your card personal for the soldier.