Saturday, November 7, 2009

93rd Military Police Brigade - must mail now

The 93rd Military Police Brigade is scheduled to leave Iraq in January, and I just received word that they will only be able to receive packages up to December 1st.

So you must mail Christmas boxes NOW! (to THIS unit in Baghdad.) Packages mailed PRIORITY MAIL should arrive in 7 to 10 days to this unit. (Remember to use the large FLAT RATE Priority Mail boxes to get the military discount.)

They can receive letters up to December 15th. If you can send one last note of support and cheer it would mean a lot.

Then their Army Post Office (APO) will be closed as they get ready to redeploy out of Iraq.


If those of you who have adopted a soldier in this unit would like to send a stocking for him or her you must mail it very soon. I would allow 2 weeks - November 15 mailing if possible. You can always put a "Do Not Open Until Christmas" note inside your package. (not that anyone would actually wait!)

If you would like to surprise your soldier, you may address your package to the "back-up name" (In case of non-delivery) I gave you in your intro email. Put a note to her and indicate who the stocking should go to on Christmas Eve, or whenever they hold their candlelight services.

If you have not written your assigned soldier, or have been able to do so for over a month, please let me know. I have a waiting list of people who want to help and no soldiers.

Note: I sent out a group email distribution this evening. If you are signed up but not receiving these updates, check your junk mail folder.