Monday, September 28, 2009

Halloween! and other upcoming holiday planning

Group email sent 9/27/09:

Hello friends and family,

How can October be coming this week? The temperatures in the deserts are just starting to cool off just a bit -- "only" 97 degrees in Baghdad; and a "chilly" 84 in Kabul today! Yet, it's time for thinking about the holidays for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

HALLOWEEN is just around the corner, considering shipping time. We only need 10 days for Priority Mail to Baghdad, but for our troops in Afghanistan, I'm not really sure. I know it can take 6 weeks for regular mail. Priority Mail much quicker, but it depends on where your particular soldier is stationed. If you have an estimate from your own packages, let me know.

One soldier emailed me today to say they have celebrated NO holidays since arriving in Afghanistan this Spring. She thought some candy and paper decorations would be great fun. Thanksgiving even more so.

So please be encouraged to send something to your soldier very soon, and plan for THANKSGIVING treats and greeting cards. (You can also send left-over Halloween candy, but getting goodies ahead of time is more thoughtful).

CHRISTMAS packages should be sent Priority Mail around Thanksgiving, so it's not that far off either. The Army hospital in Germany likes to pass out Christmas stockings to wounded soldiers arriving starting on Thanksgiving Day, therefore you early birds can get started now!

Since I will be out of the country after Thanksgiving Week, I ask all of you to plan ahead more than usual for Christmas sign-ups.

If you don't have an individual soldier of your own to support but would like to help with some holiday projects/goodies, you know I can help you do that! The chaplains love to collect and pass out our treats.

Check the blog regularly for updates, and please do not respond to this email address. It just doesn't work correctly anymore.
Email me at: Thanks!


PS: The US Army hospital in Germany is looking for candy for our wounded troops too.