Monday, November 17, 2008

New unit arriving in Baghdad: 8th Military Police

The last of the 18th MP BDE we have been sponsoring are leaving Iraq, and being replaced by the 8th Military Police BDE. Since they will be right at the Baghdad International Airport, mail will arrive quickly, but even with PRIORITY MAIL packages should be mailed the first week of December. They could get there in as little as 10 days, we can't be sure with the Christmas rush. But "Better Late Than Never "certainly applies here!!!

If you have waited to send some Christmas stockings or cards, this is your opportunity!

I have now received 107 individual names, but may not get them assigned to individuals in time for Christmas. I'm attempting to get that many Christmas stockings to their Chaplain for passing out at their Christmas Eve Candlelight Services.

Please join in - cards, Christmas stockings, packages, whatever!

Email me for addresses, I do not post them online. Do NOT use contacts from last year.