Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Thanks to everyone for their Christmas
support of the troops!

I am finishing up with any new "assignments" in the next day or two. I'll be back after the holidays for regular "Support The Troops" and "Adopt-a-Soldier" activities throughout the year.

PHOTOS: If you took pictures of you and your family/friends preparing packages and/or stockings for the troops, please send me a copy (if it is OK to post it here.)

See my Blog entries below for all kinds of information if you have already been given a soldier to support.

Also note this info on a troop you might be assigned:

97th MP Bn is leaving theater mid-December. No further mail should be sent. I expect to get their replacements names by January.

Sean Burke - out of theater after first of the year.

FOB Freedom - the fellows I have in this group are already headed back to the USA. See specific Blog entry below.

SCHOOL TEACHERS PLEASE NOTE: Many school email filters are blocking my replies. If you have been waiting to hear from me, that is probably why you have not. Please send me your personal, or alternate, email address, and I'll get you a soldier.
(I've replied to all mail as of November 28, 2007!)

SPAM: Be sure to add my email address to your contacts to keep my messages out of your TRASH or SPAM files. It doesn't help all the time, but often it does.

Do not send cards to the WALTER REED ARMY HOSPITAL at the address listed on my website. My contact is no longer there, and your cards will not be delivered. . . and NEVER send cards to "Any Soldier" etc. For security reasons they will be trashed.