Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas stockings now - 200 new troops!

Thanks everyone for wanting to help send some cheer to our troops for the holidays!!!  As is typical this time of year, I am swamped with requests.  I will do my best to reply to everyone within a day or two for as long as I can.  Yesterday I received 200 new troop names and I'd like to have them all receive something!

I can promise a reply for Christmas stockings for these men and women.
If you can pledge 1, 3, or 100, email me with the approximate number you can do and I'll reply with a chaplain or other point of contact who will collect them and distribute them over Christmas.
Suggested date for mailings, Priority Mail: Iraq, by December 1st, but better is Thanksgiving Weekend.

(Good news: some stockings have already began to arrive!)

And take photos!  I'd love to post pictures of stockings you put together for our troops!

Oh, if you want to send cards and letters for the troops, I can still do that. Speaking of cards:

FUND RAISER - Greeting Cards for Our Troops to use
My first fund raiser:  I provide free cards for our troops, by setting up online accounts for them to access from anywhere in the world, personalize their greeting cards, and then, the cards are printed and mailed in/from the USA and delivered by the US Postal Service to the homes of their family and friends.

Your help would allow me to offer more to the troops. For every card you purchase for yourself I can offer another free card to one of our men and women in service.  100% of profits are returned to the troops' cards.

So, check out Aunt Nancy USA Cards.  (It's really a pretty cool, and fun, system!) You can buy cards and send to whomever you would like, and, know you're offering the same opportunity for our troops. Individual cards cost $2.99, and that includes the postage!


Marine families: I have 3 Marine families at a base in California who are struggling to pull together a little Christmas. Some need shoes for the kids, clothes, and some small toys might be nice.  And lots of Christmas cards from all of us?
While I do have some individual troops available for "adoption" that is generally only for their full deployment (generally a 4 to 10 month commitment on your part.) If you only want to send something for the holidays, please consider volunteering to send Christmas stockings.

Remember to pick up the LARGE, Flat Rate, Priority Mail box free at the post office ASAP.  They often run out this time of year.  It will help you know how much will fit.  Generally, 3 filled stockings per large box.
Also pick up the Customs Declaration form ahead of time so you can list contents before sealing your package.
The large box will cost $12.50 regardless of how heavy your gifts are.  "If it fits, it ships!"  Without this particular box you could end up paying double the shipping costs.

More details and suggestions are on my posting below dated 11-9-10.