Thursday, November 11, 2010

Marine's wife asks for support

Updated 11/19/10:  A couple of corrections and updates.   Shane is on his way to recovery enough that the Marines put him back to work, but it didn't last long, he's back home again.
I also received two other families' requests though.  Since these are US destination (Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California) mail time is shorter than overseas. Priority Mail can arrive in less than a week.

"A Proud Marine Wife" wrote me about her husband and is hoping we all can give him some support.  He has served 4 combat tours, was injured and had multiple surgeries.   She quit her job to take care of him (and their 2 little girls).

She would like some cards to show him he is valued by more than just his family. It's hard to believe our troops don't know how special they are to us and how much we appreciate them!

She asked for cards, but I'm also looking for help to get his family some extra presents for Christmas.

 Hi! My name is Korri and I was wondering if I could nominate my husband to be adopted? I do not know if he is eligible or not. He has been in the Marines for almost 13 years and has done 8 deployments and has served 4 combat tours but after being injured he is home now just having completed his 3rd corrective surgery. I just thought I could possibly find an organization that would add him to their list so he could see that he is a hero to more than just me.
He is having a rough time being down with his injury and I could love to be able to put a smile on his face and remind him of the people who are out there who support what he does and what he has sacrificed. After 3 surgeries, 2 steel plates, 14 screws and a bone graph he is finally done and on the way to a full recovery! Now that we have fixed him up physically I need to cheer him up emotionally. He is very stressed out with the holidays coming up for our kids since the last year has taken such a huge toll on us.

If he is not eligible I understand and still want you to know how much we appreciate your dedication to supporting out troops!! Thank you so very much and have a blessed day.

*Proud Marine Wife*

Of course, since there is no "official" organization here, just me and my laptop, and those of you reading this, her husband "qualifies"!  If you can send a card that would be awesome. I have some local 2nd graders sending birthday cards to her "about to turn 5" daughter whom she says is also struggling with daddy's condition.

While this isn't what "Aunt Nancy USA" usually is involved with, it's kind of a nice opportunity for all of us.

Please consider sending a card, and, if you can, also consider sending one via my fundraiser for the troops.  By buying, and sending, a card through this website, not only will you send a REAL greeting card to her family, but, 100% of the profits go back into "Aunt Nancy USA" free cards for the troops to use to send greeting cards home to their families.
Check it out here:

To get their name and address email me at

I found out they are stationed at a Marine base just 10 miles from my home. I plan to pull together a little something for them for the holidays. If you would like to contribute that would be awesome.  Mostly though, cards of encouragement and appreciation.

Email me for their address for cards.

Thanks for your support.  Maybe we can get a couple other Marines from my neighborhood to send a little holiday cheer to.

This is their family.
Shane & Korri, and daughters: