Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas mailings 2010

It's time to mail packages for Christmas arrival!

Email me at nancy@auntnancyusa.com to request a name to send your Christmas stockings, or other holiday packages to.  Please give me an estimate of how many stockings you might be able to send.  I do not post troops' names online.

PLEASE DO NOT send stockings directly to Andrew May without checking in with me.  I have certain numbers requested for a variety of units and have to keep track of how many packages are going to each one. The stockings are sent to one person collecting them, and will be passed out at Christmas services.

Consider mailing left-over Halloween candy to the troops too. Maybe even put it into Christmas stockings.

I'm hosting a fundraiser for cards for the troops. You can help by visiting my website:
www.sendoutcards.com/storefront/simcocards and creating a greeting card for $2.99 (includes 44 cents postage!)  Have the card mailed to a soldier or a friend, whomever you choose.
From your computer you can personalize cards, and then the cards are  printed and mailed for you!
ALL profits go to "Aunt Nancy USA" for free cards for the troops.  Thanks!

There is just me and my laptop here, no large organization.  I try to answer every email within a day or two, but it gets difficult in November!  :)