Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's time to send Valentines Day Packages -- and buy Girl Scout Cookies!

It's time to mail packages to the troops for Valentine's Day goodies!
Or at least cards. (Be sure to check that your unit is still deployed.  See topic list on left-side, near the bottom of blog.  Click on your unit for postings. Ex: the 93rd MPB has left Iraq.)

If you haven't heard back from your soldier don't despair... we most often do not.  Send a card and ask what he or she would like.  And tell them you'll send more if you hear back from them.  In addition, some mail has yet to arrive in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In fact, a soldier recently told me she mailed a card FROM Afghanistan TO Afghanistan and it took a month!

One recommendation: just send a Priority Mail, Flat Rate box full of Oreos!  I'm told that has never failed to impress!

One group last year made up dozens of bag of treats.  I think they even used Valentine ziploc baggies.  Remember: no homemade goodies except to your personal soldier IF they agree ahead of time  All store bought candy must be in original wrappers.  Sand get into everything so putting goodies in sealed baggies is great -  and the troops can re-used them.

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES are the biggest hit of all. Not only are they delicious, but it's a great "All American" reminder, a real taste of home. Sending some to your individual soldier is the best, but here is another option:

Nancy: Caroline is selling Girl Scout cookies again this year. (I'm troop leader and cookie mom!) They have an awesome option for cookie sales. People can pay for cookies and the Girl Scouts will warehouse those cookies (instead of delivering them to us), then send them to the Troops overseas. Would you be able to post that on your Aunt Nancy website. I don't know if all councils are participating in this or not. People can check into it, or they can order from our troop and just mail me a check or cash to cover the sale. Cookies are $3.50 a box.   Vicki

Chaplain Pickens, in Iraq, covers over 600 troops. Should we start a project to get them loaded up with candy and cookies? Who's in?

By the way, this morning I sent a group webmail update. If you are signed up but did not receive it, please leave a comment below. It's been doing that to some people for well over a year. Today neither of my email addresses received it! And it was not in my Trash or Junk Mail folders. What to do? I don't know how to fix it. (and now, what's happening here on Blogger? My words are getting broken up at the end of the lines......)