Saturday, January 23, 2010

A cool way to send cards to the troops; COP Shocker leaving

Two items for you today.

1st, If you have been sending to troops at COP Shocker, you should discontinue now.  Our troops are leaving and redeploying to home base.

2nd, one of our friends suggested I recommend you look at sending cards via SendOutCards system.  It's a very cool online system that allows you to choose a card, personalize it, and just click "send".   The company prints the card, stuffs it, puts a real US postage stamp on it, and takes it to the post office for you!  And you can do for as little as $1.00 including the postage!  

This could be perfect for our mail to the troops!  The cards are very high quality.  I'm excited about the possibilities!

You can:
  • personalize your card
  • send post cards (a little less cost than the greeting cards)
  • send a tri-fold card (a little more cost than the regular greeting cards)
  • set up several cards at one time and choose different mail out dates to your soldier
  • send multiple cards to different addresses
  • add photos (extra cost)
Anyway, I think it's a great idea!  So much so that I joined the company this week and am now a distributor.  Ah! you say!  There's the catch!  Well, maybe.  Maybe I can make a couple pennies per card (someday).  BUT -- I really want to make it easy for you to send cards to our soldiers.  So, I've put in $100 for all of you*.  The first people who visit SimcoCards website can open up a FREE SendOutCards account and then send a card to a soldier for FREE.  On me.  How's that??

Once you get to the Card Catalog there is a selection for "Valentines", and another for "Patriotic".  If you send one now it should make it for Valentines Day.  You can do it right from your computer.

If you don't have an individual soldier (I'm still having trouble getting new troop names) then consider sending a card to Chaplain Pickens.  He has over 600 troops he is responsible for and wouldn't it be great if he got 600 cards?  (you guys will have to pay for some of those!)

* Donations have been added by some troop supporters.  You could also offer your free trial to your soldier to use to send a card home. 

While I always promised I would never, ever, post a soldier's information online, this Chaplain said this would be OK.  If the cards are addressed as below, he will not open them, just pass them to a soldier.  (I may remove his name in a few weeks.)  When you do this please include "Friends of Aunt Nancy USA" with your name in the cards so they will know how they got the card. 

Send to:

CH (1LT) Jeremy Pickens
In Care of Any Soldier
211MP BN
Camp Taji, Iraq
APO AE 09374

You could also send card to wounded troops in Germany at:

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center
ATTN: MCEUL-CH/Chaplains Office,
CMR 402
APO AE 09180

The  soldiers can use this online card system too.  Even though they don't have to pay for postage to mail to the USA, the cost for these cards and postage is less expensive than most cards all by themselves.  Plus the troops can prepare several cards ahead of time to be mailed home in the future and they don't have to worry about remembering or getting time at a computer later.

Thanks again for helping.  And let me know what you think of this online card system.