Friday, November 6, 2009

Another good reason to send candy to our troops....

Besides the fact that our troops LOVE candy (especially chocolate!) they often share what they receive with the local children. Many of you have sent candy (one women last year sent over 200 pounds of left-over Halloween candy she collected!) and some have sent Beanie Babies, school supplies, and even soccer balls.

This week I received a wonderful 1945 story from a woman. She said I could share it with you. You'll never know how long lasting your good deeds might be:

Hi y'all,

my daughter in law sent me your email and since
we do have so many Halloween candies left, I'm sending
them out together with her and another friends candies .

The reason I want to adopt an soldier is the following.

I was 10 years old the month of April in 1945 when
the American troops marched into Korntal bei Stuttgart
in Germany. Since we were the first house on the
outskirts of the small city, the commanding officers
with their soldiers put up their headquarters in our
Dining room.
My father was still somewhere in Estland,
so only my mother and I were at home.
I was ordered to stay in the cellar, but eventually
went up into the kitchen, where an soldier was
stationed. He saw me, waved to me to come in
and to my surprise emptied his pockets and gave me
all his candies and chocolate bars he had, the first
candies and chocolates I had seen in years.
Then he said in a broken German" I have a little girl
like you in America!"

This American soldier may be still alive, may be not,
but he sure lives on in my memories.

May be you can get me in touch with an younger
soldier who would like to hear some other amazing stories
from someone who remembers so fondly one of his kind.

Gerda (Gege) G.

Our troops do similar good deeds. Here are pictures soldiers have sent me, showing them sharing what we (YOU) have mailed to them. These were soccer balls -- a big hit for kids without any toys.