Tuesday, May 5, 2009

93rd Military Police Brigade: Thanks for the Easter goodies!

The 93rd POLICE BRIGADE* chaplains office sent a big THANKS! for all the Easter goodies! They report it was a lot of fun watching these big boys and girls acting like kids searching for hidden plastic eggs! Unfortunately, reality was brought back to them the very next day when the enemy hit the unit and they lost a soldier. That's the reality they live with every day.

As the summer heat kicks in the chaplains are now asking for water toys of any kind: balloons, water pistols, etc. Consider sending your soldier something fun, or get a few items to send directly to the chaplains office. (I can give you the name and address).

With Memorial Day approaching quickly, a greeting card would be a nice thought for your soldier too.

*mis-identified as the "8th Military Police" in webmail update.