Friday, April 10, 2009

Sadness and Encouragement; Beanie Babies collection


As much of the world celebrates Passover and Easter, today we heard of another car bombing in Baghdad. Among others, 5 US soldiers were killed. Also on the news were stories about the increasing number of troops committing suicide. It is all so sad.

So many of us feel such frustration. When we think there is nothing we can do, I want to remind you that several times I have received thank you notes from soldiers who have said something like "When I didn't think I could go on or take anymore, I received a card or package from a stranger who got my name from you. I want to tell you it saved my life". YOU can make a difference!

Other times soldiers have written to me to say that although troops often don't respond, we all should know how our cards and notes DO boost the morale of our guys and gals living in this awful environment.

ADOPTING TROOPS: With that in mind, I still have about 30 troops in the 93rd Military Police who do not have individual sponsors, and I just received word from a previously supported unit that they are returning to the war zone soon. I said I would try to get them all sponsors if I can.

THE ECONOMY: The economy has affected the troops too. Many soldiers' families are sending less, and fewer volunteers are helping. Please consider joining in and taking a name. Goody packages are not required -- just regular greeting cards and notes are the minimum I ask. Of course, a little candy now and then is fun for them to receive!

BEANIE BABY COLLECTION: We are also looking for clean, "gently used" Beanie Babies for the troops to keep in their pockets and use as goodwill towards children in these war torn areas. Please email me at for an address (I do not post soldiers' addresses online).