Monday, November 10, 2008

Special Soldiers Fun Requests - time to play Santa

OK, folks, here's some special requests from Iraq. I told him I thought we might be able to do something! Who can help?

Dear Auntie Nan,

Yes I do have another request. One that my chaplain asked about as well. I would like to request, more than anything, prayer; not only for our Soldiers, but also for our families back home. They too go through a very rough time during this deployment. I truly believe that the little children have it the worst. They just can't understand why "Daddy" or in some cases, "Mommy" isn't coming home for quite a while. So honestly, prayer would be the biggest request.

Thank you for your time. I wouldn't mind passing out cards if you happen to send some our way. I do however have a pretty serious request from a Soldier. It's for some video games. I do not play video games (believe me, I am one of the very very few when it comes to Soldiers and video games), but I do understand that they are fairly expensive. He gave me the names of two games that he was hoping to have for his section. I told him that I would certainly ask, but I made no promises. Please don't feel as though you have to get either one of these or even ask your folks to get them. I know that he told me that they are for play station II game systemNow that is all I know about the games.

The names of the games are:
Madden 09
Metal Gear IV
Need for Speed/Undercover, 
WWE Smack Down vs. Raw 2008, 
Call of Duty: World at War Final Fronts and finally 
Secret Service Quantum of Solace.

I do happen to have one other great suggestion. We have about 15 bags of whole-bean coffee. I was hoping that someone may have a hand operated coffee grinder they would be willing to ship over here to us. I know my guys would love to have some of this fresh ground coffee, if only I had something like that. Again, I do not grind my own coffee. I'm the cheap skate. I buy Folgers already ground. So if this request is too expensive, please, I beg you please disregard. I have no intentions of taking advantage of your wonderful support.

Also, I have heard of some folks looking for different kinds of deodorant, shampoo, decent razors, shave gel, little things, etc. etc.

Times here are getting a bit more exciting. We have had a decent surge in activity here the last few days or even a week or so. I'm only hope and pray that our time here drags on from boredom and not from always going to memorials and hospitals with our Soldiers hurt or worse yet dead.

Right now, we are doing ok in my unit. My Soldiers are all doing very well. You have a very blessed week and thank you for listening to my rambling.

Your favorite Soldier (as far as I'm concerned)

Here are more suggestions:
NO home-made food.
NO Batteries as they have "enough to light up Baghdad" now!
NO used items
Chocolate is very much desired (until about February) - store bought only.