Friday, June 13, 2008

THANKS! to YOU! from the 972 MP Company

The 972 Military Police Company is leaving Iraq this month. Many of you adopted soldiers in this unit, and, a number of families and Girl Scout troops went the extra mile to collect, pack, and ship items for the parents and children in Baghdad.
Steve B., my "nephew", sent me a most wonderful THANK YOU to pass along to all of you. I'll quote it below. Though we were perfect strangers just a few months ago, he and I have become quite close via email as his Memorial Day note will show.
To all of you, this note is in tribute:

So good to hear from you. Thanks for the good wishes. I do ask
that everyone at some point in the day stop and reflect on the lives
that have been so bravely and courageously lost ensuring that our
freedom remains in tact. As it says "Let Freedom Ring"!!
AN, I am thankful for all that you have done for not only my
unit but the Armed Forces in general with your support. I am truly
blessed that I had this opportunity to meet you, someday in person I
hope, and wish you the best.
My unit will be out of theater on July 4th so no need for any good will here.
Our replacements are due in in the next couple of weeks and then it will be
time to say goodbye to many of our Iraqi friends that we assisted here.
I cannot discuss our mission here, it was however very successful. That will
be truly overshadowed by the humanitarian assistance that we supplied,
on your supporters behalf, daily. I saw first hand the elation and happiness
that many people experienced when we provided them the items that you
sent to us. Beanie babies, clothes, children vitamins, soaps, pens pencils,
the list goes on and on. A difference was made here, make no mistake about
that and YOU played a large role in that success.
So Auntie, GOD BLESS You on this Memorial Day as you will forever be part of my memory....
God Bless America
Love your nephew with the dreamy blue eyes,

Steve also arranged for a beautiful Certificate of Thanks to be sent to me. I treasure it on all your behalf. (You may "click" on any photo to enlarge it.)