Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Departing Troops

As a quick reference here I am posting a summary of the troops who are no longer "in theater" and are back in home base. Be sure to check often if you are not sure about your soldier or sailor. Remember also to review the status of the "back-up name" given to you for your Customs Forms. In the left column, under "Grouped Topics", you may find several postings for your soldier or sailors' unit with more specific information.

For those of you with soldiers still in Iraq: It's time to send out those 4th of July packages! A card at least, although some fun "party" decorations would add to their cheer!

Leaving in May and June 2008:

  • 1LT Fukuzawa & unit
  • 720 MP
  • USS CARNEY returned to home port in Florida on June 4th
  • 972MP, FOB Freedom

Left Iraq April 2008:

  • D COMPANY, 1-181 INF BN

Back home in February and March 2008:
  • CAMP LIBERTY soldiers of A CO, 1-64 AR, UNIT #43435
  • K-9 Unit: SGT James Hazelton & SGT Stone. I did receive some replacement names.
  • Tom Reed, CPT

January 2008 departures:

  • 293 Military Police
  • Sean Burke & unit

December 2007 departures:

  • 97th MPs
  • FOB Freedom (Note: a 2nd group stationed here -- the 972MP -- came in to me in early 2008, and are leaving in June 2008)