Thursday, April 24, 2008

Troop Updates - many changes

The Troops we are supporting in "D COMPANY, 1-181 INF BN", are leaving Iraq this month. No further mail should be sent.

1LT Fukuzawa and his unit will be leaving Iraq in June.

The sailors on the USS CARNEY will be cruising back into their home port in Florida in June. I think they may be heading back out to sea a month later.

My notes say the CAMP LIBERTY soldiers of A CO, 1-64 AR, UNIT #43435, are going home.

Also: MNC-I PAO, CAMP VICTORY, troops are back at home base now, I believe.

In mid-June, our troops at FOB FREEDOM, the 972 MILITARY POLICE COMPANY, will also be going home. Cheerful notes from their sponsors would be nice as they endure their last 2 months.

Since the 720 MILITARY POLICE are returning to home base next month, their mail should stop soon AND if you were given a 720 APO address as the "back-up" name for your Customs Declaration form, you should no longer use it. I can assign another.

If you have different re-deployment dates for the soldier unit you are corresponding with, please send me a correction.