Tuesday, April 8, 2008

USS Carney receives award

Our sailors on the USS Carney just received this award for their ship! Congrats fellows!

The Marjorie Sterrett Battleship Fund was established in 1917 by the Tribune Association in Brooklyn, NY after a 13 year old girl named Marjorie Sterrett offered her weekly allowance of 10 cents to help build “a battleship for Uncle Sam.” Marjorie knew her country was on the eve of war and she was aware of the importance of battle readiness, even at age 13. “I read in your paper every morning a lot about preparedness,” Marjorie explained. A fund was started and children from all over New York began to donate their dimes.
Prior to WWII, income from the growing fund was used to award annual cash prizes to turret and gun crews making the highest scores in short-range battle practice, and to submarine crews making the highest scores in torpedo firing. Since then, the Navy has used the fund to promote battle efficiency by its payment to ships which stand first in the intra-type battle efficiency competitions.

Every 4 years, U.S. Fleet Forces Command (4-Star Admiral) selects one CRUDES ship from the Pacific Fleet and one from the Atlantic Fleet to receive the Marjorie Sterrett Battleship Fund Award. In 2007, 54 LANTFLT CRUDES ships competed for this award and CARNEY was selected as the Atlantic Fleet recipient. That’s right; CARNEY was the best for 2007 out of all 54 LANTFLT CGs, DDGs & FFGs.
There is no special ribbon or medal for this award, however by instruction COMSECONDFLT is required to present a cash prize to CARNEY on behalf of the CNO at an appropriate ceremony. We’ll let you know when that is. We’re not sure what the amount will be this year, but ships before us have received $25,000 directly into their MWR fund!!!
Congratulations to all CARNEY Warriors past and present who have worked selflessly to make our ship the best she can be!