Wednesday, February 20, 2008

General Petreaus AND Aunt Nancy USA

Here's just one of the many pictures I received today from CSM Drew Craig (720 Military Police) in one of his "Notes from Drew" emails. As always, I forward his emails to those of you who have asked to be on that special distribution. If you enlarge the photo you might be able to read the names on their uniforms and find your soldier.

Some of his other pictures were soldiers in the 720 and 59th MP, with Iraqi police, several with General Petreaus, and hey, THIS note which mentions our program!

From Drew: "Soldiers of the battalion headquarters all got a Valentine's Day gift from a supporter through*. These folks that send support packages have no idea how much they improve morale here for our troopers. We are thankful for them, and "thank you" never seems enough to say." [from Nancy: notice all the candy is in sealed plastic bags. A VERY good idea. Sand gets into everything there.]
As of today, we have 83 days until we turn the mission over to the 793rd MP Battalion, and less than 90 days until we return home to Fort Hood. We're all looking forward to getting home and reuniting with family, but it still seems a long time for us. Everyone remains well and focused on the mission at hand, and we still have much to do before its time to release responsibility to our replacements."

*Note: CSM Craig mistakenly lists my website as in his email. Just for the heck of it I typed that in and found someone who is using that site name to make money linking people to sites that sell care packages. The domain owner also has 99 other sites so he must be good at finding ways to make money from people who don't remember or know actual websites they are looking for. Just FYI.

*2nd Note: I replied to CSM Drew Craig about correcting my website name, and the fact that it was fun to be mentioned in the same email as was General Petreaus. Here's Drew's reply:
LOL, you are MORE important to us than General Petreaus. I will make
the correction with those that I write regarding the website, Nancy.
Gauntlet 7
"Soldiers of the Gauntlet"