Friday, February 8, 2008

THANKS! A Special Request for an Injured Soldier

UPDATE: 2/12/08
Tracy is actually spelled TRACI. (click on her picture above to see it larger)
Also, there are two more wounded fellows, so if you haven't sent your card/package, let me know!
Here is a THANK YOU note from Traci, but only for a few emails. She has NO idea of the number of cards and packages coming her way!
...thank you for all of your support as well. it's your support that gets us all
through this hard time. it is greatly appreciated.
the accident happened february 5th and we had 3
anti-tank grenades thrown at our vehicle. our
passenger in the front seat was wounded pretty bad but
he's alive and not going to lose any limbs so that's
good. our gunner got a little shrapnel in his butt but
he's ok and i have a huge bruise on my arm. at first,
i honestly thought my arm got blown off. the grenades
that they threw are the most dangerous ones out there
right now so we are all very lucky to be alive.
I honestly will never be able to express to you how
much all this means to me. It's so awesome to know
that we have such amazing people supporting us and
what we have to go through. I will definitely keep in
touch. again, thank you.

UPDATE 2/11/08: WOW! I received a tremendous response to this request, and well, I think she's going to need a larger room to accomodate all the cards and goodies!!! You can be sure she'll share with troops there with her.

The other good news is that she's not hurt too badly, although I don't know the details. Apparently, they expect she'll be able to return to duty. (I'm not sure if that is good or bad news!)
She was a return to duty, she is recuperating with her unit.(a lot of
pain and swelling) I will tell her to distribute the care packages how
she sees fit... She is a great person and soldier... She will take care
of other soldiers in her unit, I am sure of it. She just started her
tour there so she is going to be there at least another year!!! So just
let all of your GREAT people thank you from me as well as the troops
over there, and know they have a soldier for the long run in Traci. I am
still working on that pic she sent one, but forgot to attach it. Its
coming I promise. SGT Matthew Kockx (pic below)


2/8/08 Today I received this request from a soldier we supported several years ago and with whom I'm still in touch.
Maybe you could help?

hello Aunt Nancy!!!! i havent talked to you in a while!!! how have things been? im sure you have only gotten busier huh....
i have a huge favor to ask of you. my best friend is in Iraq right now.... was just injured [by] a IED*. can you get her room filled with care packages???? as a favor to me? i would be forever in your debt.... your #1 soldier SGT Matthew Kockx

I won't post the name or address of the wounded female online, but you may just email me and ask for the information. If any of you can send at least a card that would be wonderful! If you can send some small package: Awesome!
I can tell you she is from a COB (Combat Out Post). Read a recent blog entry below for that description of living conditions

If you are sending her a little "get-well" package, keep in mind she'll probably share with the other wounded troops around her there. And, here's my 3rd plug for GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! :-) Valentine goodies would be nice too I'm sure.

I'll be posting updates on her condition soon.


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Munitions rigged for an IED discovered by Iraqi police in Baghdad, November 2005.
Munitions rigged for an IED discovered by Iraqi police in Baghdad, November 2005.

An improvised explosive device (IED) is a bomb constructed and deployed in ways other than in conventional military action. They may be partially comprised of conventional military explosives, such as an artillery round, attached to a detonating mechanism. IEDs are often placed on the curb of roads so as to detonate at passing vehicles or pedestrians, and so are sometimes known as roadside bombs.