Sunday, February 3, 2008

Helping Iraqi families

I have a new request for baby supplies, and Beanie Babies, via the 972nd Military Police, a Boston, Mass. National Guard unit.

To the one we call Aunt Nancy,
I request that if someone is sending items that they send me items that I can give to the Iraqi community to improve their quality of life. We do humanitarian distro here for infants, and young children with items such as Desitin, children's vitamins, children cough syrup, hats, mittens, ETC. I also have been working with a priest here in the IZ that delivers goods to a local orphanage to assist them with their everyday life. So I do more for the community than for me, like I said I have more than I need. I however hold those looking to donate is such high regards for their contributions to the war effort.

Beanie Babies:
Send me what you can. We have no shortage of soldiers here showing good will to our "hosts". We put beanie babies in small zip bags with some candy and throw then to the kids as we pass. When possible we will hand them personally to them. Hearts and minds! These kids are the hope for their future, lets get this done right and go home!

Be well.
1SG Steven B.

A collection of clean, "gently used" Beanie Babies and candy in sealed plastic bags could be a great school, scout, or other group project, as would a collection of vitamins and other items mentioned above.