Thursday, November 1, 2007

Send your HALLOWEEN CANDY to the troops!

Got leftover candy? Kids get too much?
Consider sending it to our soldiers in Iraq!

Invite your school or office join in!

Not only will you save your children's teeth, and your hips, the troops will love it, and, often share it with the war-torn Iraqi kids. It's a great relationship builder!

Candy IS heavy, so if you use PRIORITY MAIL make sure you use FLAT RATE BOXES! My experience says it will save you half the cost. The boxes are free and the postage is $8.95 regardless of the weight. Check box sizes on the US Postal Service website. There are only two sizes. Parcel Post will be cheaper and might make more sense since there is no hurry now.

One friend at JCI in Michigan put a box out by his office door and collected 100 lbs of candy! I just bought some extra bags for 75% off at the grocery store. So there are some great deals going on!

Send it to:
REQUEST NAME if you don't have a soldier.