Saturday, November 24, 2007

NOTES FROM DREW: Thanksgiving Dinner 2007

From Command Sergeant Major Drew Craig. Every 2 to 3 to 4 weeks CSM Drew Craig, 720 MPB, sends out his "Notes from Drew". I will post some here, but if you would like to receive his complete email with all the photos, and, on a regular basis, ask to be join my special "Notes from Drew" email distribution. Here is part of his latest notes:

My trip out to spend Thanksgiving with some of our Soldiers in one of the more remote and austere location turned out to be a huge success, and it was a great experience. I was in Salman Pak, and the Soldiers we have out there live at the Joint Security Station (JSS) for 6 days at a time, and then return to their primary FOB for 3 days. While they are out in the JSS they get no hot meals and life is pretty hard. There aren't even any showers out there, so it is pretty tough duty for them. So, my security squad and I took them Thanksgiving Dinner. We also took the Brigade CSM and the Brigade Chaplain along with us.

It was an awesome experience, and one that I will not soon forget. Below are a few pics that were taken during the trip. I hope you enjoy!


On the way to the JSS we stopped to give out a couple of soccer balls. I took this photo, but didn't notice the difference in the facial expressions of the boys until I looked at the pics on my computer. The boy that got the ball I tossed out seems very happy and is giving a "thumbs up" to my gunner. But the other two boys look a little distraught that they didn't get a ball. Hopefully they share with each other. We gave them some candy as well, so that made it all okay I'm sure.

In the past when we've given balls to smaller kids, the bigger boys will take the ball as soon as we start to depart. This little guy wasn't waiting around for that the happen. He was MOVING out when Hayes snapped this pic.

[note from Nancy: Soccer balls, nets, school supplies, and candy are some of the items I ask for to help our troops build relationships with the war-torn children of Iraq.]

Upon arrival at the JSS, my security squad assumed the external security mission, manning all the towers so that these Soldiers could come and eat together. This is part of 3rd PLT, 59th MP Company. Centered (standing) in the picture (the tall, older man) is our Brigade Chaplain. Standing next to me is the CSM McPhearson, the BDE CSM. Knealing on the far right is SFC Mudge, the PSG. Directly behind Mudge is the Platoon Leader, 2LT Fogle. On the far left of the photo is the unit 1SG, 1SG Bullock.

...and of course the boys (and girl) of my security squad enjoyed dinner as well. My guys pulled security on the JSS while the Platoon had dinner, and then it was the security squads turn to eat. These boys can EAT!