Saturday, November 24, 2007

FOB FREEDOM - two groups

Note: February 2008 -- I have received another unit stationed at Forward Operating Base Freedom: The 972 Military Police. They expect to be in Iraq until June 2008.


GOOD NEWS FOR OUR 2007 TROOPS AT FORWARD OPERATING BASE FREEDOM! They are on their way back to the good ol' USofA!

Tough news for those of us sending packages to them. Unfortunately this seems to happen to me every year with at least one unit. I don't have all the details, nor close enough contacts with some of the units to get notice far enough in advance.

IF YOU HAVE A SOLDIER IN THIS GROUP: You may email me with a request for a replacement (Put "FOB FREEDOM replacement" in the subject line and I'll work on those emails first.) If you already sent a package it might get returned to you or forwarded on.
We don't get consistent responses. I've received packages back as late as February and March.